Gridcoin Faucets & Tools v1.3 for Android released!

Gridcoin Faucets & Tools v1.3 for Android released!

Note: This app is no longer maintained or supported.

Hi Everyone,

Today, I’m pleased to announce the release of Gridcoin Faucets & Tools v1.3!

If you’re wondering what Gridcoin Faucets & Tools is, it is an app designed to give you access to Gridcoin Faucets as well as to provide several useful tools. You can check your Gridcoin Balance directly, check out your CPID and Magnitude with the Magnitude Calculator, use the Explorer section to check out blocks, transactions, and addresses, and it checks out the Gridcoin value against several currencies, and now, with v1.3, you have direct access to Exchanges accepting Gridcoin and to 3rd-party Gridcoin wallets!

This is the full feature list of the app:

  • Gridcoin Faucets to use and earn free Gridcoin!
  • Notifications so you know when you can get more Gridcoin!
  • See your current address balance right in the app!
  • GRC/Magnitude Calculator based on your CPID
  • Project Whitelist
  • Block Explorer which you can use to check out blocks, addresses, and transactions
  • Current GRC Value and Calculator
  • Check out different Exchanges accepting Gridcoin, and trade!
  • Quick access to 3rd-party Wallets
  • Community Links so you can hang with us on IRC or Listen to our Gridcoin Hangouts on Soundcloud

What’s New?

The Gridcoin Community keeps growing and so is the app! Check out the Community section and also you can now launch the Gridcoin Hangouts app and listen to our weekly hangouts sessions! If you don’t have the app installed, the app will guide you to the Google Play Store to download the app. Also, you can now check the different Gridcoin Exchanges and 3rd-party Wallets!

While v1.2.2 was the version that the Community section was added, it has been expanded to include other Gridcoin community sites.

The Wallet section gives you quick access to 3rd-party Gridcoin wallets.

Finally, the Exchanges section provides you with a list of Exchanges accepting Gridcoin so you can trade right in your smartphone, tablet, or other Android devices.

This is by far the most complete Gridcoin App available for Android.


You can get the app in the Google Play Store here:


Want a new feature added in the app? Let me know in the comments!