I got the Bronze Badge for the Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 – American Cancer Society!

I got the Bronze Badge for the Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 – American Cancer Society!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I wrote that I got the Bronze badge for the Smash Childhood Cancer sub-project on World Community Grid. Today, I checked out my badges in Bitcoin Utopia, a crowdfunding project where your Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware mine Bitcoins for charitable causes, and found out that I also got the Bronze badge for their Campaign #15, American Cancer Society:

American Cancer Society (Campaign #15) Bronze Badge

On Bitcoin Utopia, the Bronze Badge is awarded once you reach 1 million credits on a campaign, which are awarded by running a campaign app using the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) along with a compatible ASIC Mining.

Other campaigns currently being run by Bitcoin Utopia includes SETI@Home, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence BOINC Project, and FreeDC, a community site dedicated to Distributed Computing discussions as well as statistics.

I started participating in Bitcoin Utopia in November 2015 when I heard about the project and I’m still participating in this project and will continue to do so. Below are my stats from the start, up to this point for this project:

Bitcoin Utopia Statistics 2-3-2017

And my current badges:

Bitcoin Utopia Badges 2-3-2017

you can find more of my stats for this project over here: http://www.bitcoinutopia.net/bitcoinutopia/show_user.php?userid=7095

A complete list of badges awarded by Bitcoin Utopia can be found here: http://www.bitcoinutopia.net/bitcoinutopia/forum_thread.php?id=303&postid=3497#3497

I’ll keep all of you informed as soon as I upgrade my badge or any of the other badges to the next level!