KZ releases the new KZ EDA IEM boxset

KZ releases the new KZ EDA IEM boxset

Hi everyone,

Late last week, KZ officially released the KZ EDA IEM boxset. This is a new approach for KZ where they are including 3 different tunings of the same IEM in the same box. This means you get 3 IEMs in a single box.

The KZ EDA is a single dynamic driver unit, but the 3 versions have a different tuning:

  • Gold and Black: Bass version
  • Transparent: Neutral version
  • Cyan: Hi-Fi version

It is currently available for pre-order in their official Shopify page and on AliExpress. You can read more and order it at the following links:

NOTE: I have personally not ordered something from their Shopify store. All of my purchases have been through Amazon or through their official AliExpress store.