LG BP50NB40 Blu-Ray laser died

LG BP50NB40 Blu-Ray laser died

So, these past days I’ve been having trouble with the LG BP50NB40 External Blu-Ray Drive.

LG Ultra Slim Portable Blu-Ray Writer 15

While I was archiving my data, it failed burning on PlexDisc BD-R DL 50GB discs at different intervals. Later, while I was trying to verify some other discs, it started to make some bad noises and it seems this is where the Blu-Ray laser gave up.

Now, it simply tries to load the Blu-Ray disc with annoying sounds, sometimes working, sometimes failing. Discs that used to work also now behave the same.

This probably concludes that the LG Blu-Ray drives are not very good. Previously, I also had trouble with the 5.25-inch desktop versions WH14NS40/WH16NS60/WH16NS58 models.

My Pioneer drives seems to work way better, reading discs faster and writing reliably. Therefore, I will stick with those for now.

The LG BP50NB40 still reads CD and DVDs, as those use the other laser.