Mario Party Superstars box

Mario Party Superstars box

Hi everyone,

On Friday, I got the new Mario Party Superstars game for the Nintendo Switch and forgot to post about it over the weekend, so today I’m sharing it.

The game features some of the Nintendo 64 Mario Party trilogy game boards as well as minigames from previous game entries. I’ve never played the Nintendo 64 games but did play Mario Party 4, Mario Party Advanced and Mario Party 10. From those, I enjoyed both Mario Party 4 (My favorite board was the theme park board) and Mario Party Advanced (It had a lot of content!). And here we are with Mario Party Superstar.

The game trailers and what was shown in the Nintendo Directs really caught my attention on this one, and I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint. We can see the usual Mario Party style image in the front of the box while we have a few screenshots of the game itself on the back.

Mario Party Superstars Nintendo Switch - Box Opened

Inside, we are presented with several Nintendo characters, more images, and the game cart itself.

The game cart is simple in design. I guess the different icons there are from the minigames. I’ll have to find that out.

Mario Party Superstars Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch Menu with Game inserted.

And here I am ready to play the game on my Nintendo Switch. I have to say I’ve been playing Wario Ware: Get it Together (The most difficult game in the franchise I’ve ever played), but my attention will now shift to Mario Party Superstars.

You can get Mario Party Superstars on Amazon at the following link:

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