Movies added, removed, and coming soon at Redbox – October 8, 2021

Movies added, removed, and coming soon at Redbox – October 8, 2021

Hi everyone,

Today is the second Friday of October 2021. Today, we are getting a new film by Redbox Entertainment on DVD. They release their films on Friday, which is why we get it today rather than on the usual Tuesdays. The movie we are getting today can be considered a 2nd entry to their “American Boogeyman” series, except that today’s movie is a female version, hence it’s called “American Boogeywoman”. If you haven’t seen original, you should rent it and watch it, especially if you’re into historical event movies. Let’s see today’s movie below:

Movies added


Back Again


Movies that may no longer be reserved

NOTE: Some of these titles may still be able to be reserved via the app and the website


  • Atomic Blonde
  • Beauty & the Beast (2017)
  • Finding Dory
  • Girl In the Bunker
  • Hell Fest
  • Mid90s
  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout
  • The Oath (2018)


  • Finding Dory

Movies Coming Soon

This list may be incomplete and titles may be added at any time.

October 12th

  • DVD: The Green Knight
  • DVD: The Colony (2021)
  • Blu-Ray: Survive the Game
  • DVD: Survive the Game
  • DVD: No Man of God

October 19th

  • DVD: Needle in a Timestack
  • DVD: Injustice
  • DVD: Joe Bell
  • DVD: Pig
  • Blu-Ray: The Protégé
  • DVD: The Protégé
  • Blu-Ray: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins
  • DVD: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins
  • Blu-Ray: Old
  • DVD: Old

October 26th

  • Blu-Ray: Don’t Breathe 2
  • DVD: Don’t Breathe 2
  • Blu-Ray: Stillwater
  • DVD: Stillwater
  • Blu-Ray: The Suicide Squad
  • DVD: The Suicide Squad
  • DVD: On The Rocks

November 2nd

  • Blu-Ray: PAW Patrol: The Movie
  • DVD: PAW Patrol: The Movie

More upcoming releases

  • Blu-Ray: Candyman (2021)
  • DVD: Candyman (2021)
  • Blu-Ray: Respect
  • DVD: Respect

Will you be watching this movie on the weekend?