Now you can see my BOINC Tasks on my website!

Now you can see my BOINC Tasks on my website!

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ve been writing a software, database and script to show the BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) tasks that my computers are running to my website!

I’ve been thinking on making this since a long time ago, and I’ve finally accomplished that task.

Those are just a few of the machines. To see the rest, visit

The software I wrote is the following:

BOINC Tasks on Website 6

You simply enter a name for the host, IP Address, BOINC Port Number and the RPC Password, and then, you press the “Add to List” button. You have to do this for the hosts you have and would like to show on your website.

Then, you enter your MySQL Server details, set a time to refresh the database with updated task details and press the “Fetch Tasks!” button.

On the MySQL Side, you need to execute the “boincweb-database.sql” file located at the GitHub repo here and you’re ready to use the software.

On the web site, I uploaded a file called “boincweb.php” to the repo that you can freely customize to fit your likes. The file looks like this when you edit it with your MySQL Server details:

BOINC Tasks on Website 7

The PHP file uses Tablesorter so you can sort the table, customize the table by modifying the CSS files, and show the data in a nice way. The tablesorter jQuery is not included, but you can download it here.

Also, to use the Desktop software, You must download and compile the BoincRpc .NET API that can be found here. Please note that the API targets the .NET Standard 1.3, which for some reason, gives some issues when running the software. You must open the project and compile it to target the latest .NET Framework. Then, you must add the DLL reference to the project. Also needed is the MySQL Connector for .NET

I had a lot of fun building this to show my contribution toward BOINC projects.

Project Repo:

Requisites for the PHP file:

Requisites for the .NET software:

Check out my BOINC Tasks here:

PHP Demo: