On Mute Heaset Microphone Muting Adapter

On Mute Heaset Microphone Muting Adapter

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ll share with you an unboxing video of the On Mute Headset Microphone Muting Adapter that I received for backing the project on Kickstarter.

The On Mute is an adapter where you connect your headset and allows you to easily mute the mic and use a Push-To-Talk button to enable the mic temporarily.

If you want to mute the mic, just move the switch to the Mute position and press the button to talk. If you want to allow the mic to work at all moments, just switch the mic to the Unmute position. Yup. It’s that easy to use!

This adapter is excellent for all of the people that are in Discord servers and participate in their audio channel sessions. You may have heard a moderator say to mute your mic or another member mic. Well, instead of working in Discord to mute your mic or change the Push-To-Talk setting, simply use this adapter!

So, behold, the unboxing video of the On Mute:

Hope you enjoyed this video!