PAQCompress v0.3.7 released!

PAQCompress v0.3.7 released!

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released PAQCompress v0.3.7:

PAQCompress v0.3.7
PAQCompress v0.3.7

This new release adds support for the following PAQ versions:

  • paq8pxd v64
  • paq8pxv v6

You can download this new release at GitHub here:

The source code, as usual, is available at the PAQCompress project repository:

Technical notes:

paq8pxv v6 provided only one executable, and it was not labeled either with their usual “jit.exe” ending nor with “vm.exe”. Because of this, I had to write a new function that will check in the version folder whenever we have a version ending with “jit.exe” and/or “vm.exe”. If we have them, the software adds the respective entry to the “compiler” list box, and selects the option that the user has previously selected if it is available for the selected PAQ version.

If none of the versions exist, we simply disable the listbox and just use the paq filename as it is, without any of the above terminations:

PAQCompress v0.3.7 code
PAQCompress v0.3.7 new function code

We call this function whenever the version has changed (seen in the end of the above screenshot) or when the PAQ family/series has changed:

PAQCompress v0.3.7 code 2
PAQCompress v0.3.7 code 2

That’s what’s new in the code of this new release.

Hope you enjoy this new version!