Photos of the Hidizs AP80

Photos of the Hidizs AP80

Hi everyone,

Today, I’d like to show you some photos of the Hidizs AP80. I really enjoy this Digital Audio Player since it produces a very good sound and it’s perfect for offline playback. Also, the FM radio sometimes comes in handy to listen to local stations.

Here’s some pictures of it:

Here’s the AP80 connected to the Google USB-C to 3.5mm dongle. It works straight out of the box. Simply connect it and enjoy the music. It also allows you to control the AP80 by using the headset buttons:

In this picture, you can see the FM Radio feature of the AP80. It needs to have a headphone connected to it since it uses it as an antenna:

Finally, here you can see a size comparison between the Hidizs AP80, Hiby R3 and Hidizs DH1000, from right to left:

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