How To Install and Configure BOINC in the PINE 64 Single Board Computer

How To Install and Configure BOINC in the PINE 64 Single Board Computer

Hi everyone!

On May 6, 2016 I received in my mail the PINE 64 Single Board Computer I backed up a few months on Kickstarter. My Pledge was for the PINE 64 2GB edition.

First thing I did was to download and write the Ubuntu Xenial Longsleep build image to my 16GB MicroSD card (The image is almost 8GB in size). Get the Pine64 builds here:

Next think I did was to boot up the PINE 64, and the first think I did once it booted up was to install BOINC:

However, after installing BOINC and adding some projects, I noticed they all returned a message saying there are no tasks for my current platform. The problem? The Ubuntu Xenial image is 64bit, meanwhile the projects available for the ARM architecture are made 32bit. Since BOINC reported the platform as 64bit (specifically the platform being reported is aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu), the projects didn’t recognized this and returned a no work available message (because they only send work to the platform type of arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf). Ok, so how do I make my PINE 64 get those 32bit ARM tasks? It involved using the alt_platform option and doing some stuff in ubuntu:

Ok, so now I have the projects receiving tasks and the PINE 64 is crunching them as expected, except for WUProp@Home. Hmmm, seems strange that all projects I added works except WUProp@Home, so lets take a look at the workunit result:

../../projects/ error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So as you can see, WUProp can’t find The thing is that it IS installed, but only for the 64bit architecture and we must add the library for the 32bit architecture:

So there you go! We made our PINE 64 receive tasks and crunch them without any issues at all. Every task is being validated successfully 😉 So now, to enjoy our PINE 64 and let it crunch.

P.S. The PINE 64 is bigger than the Raspberry Pi’s:

One last video: