Received the two Intel Xeon X5670 today! 12 threads per CPU! Let’s install them!

Received the two Intel Xeon X5670 today! 12 threads per CPU! Let’s install them!

Hi everyone,

Today, I received the two Intel Xeon X5670 that I ordered on Monday. These two CPUs replaced the previous 2 Intel Xeon X5570 CPUs.

Below, I show you some photos changing the CPUs in my servers; the CPU specs, and running BOINC with them:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 1

Let’s Start!

First, let’s remove the server cover. Here’s how it looks internally:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 2

Here’s where the CPU’s and RAM Modules are located. We need to take out the plastic cover:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 3

We can see the CPU heatsinks and the RAM Modules:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 4

Now, we need to remove the heatsinks:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 5
One heatsink removed. See the CPU there.
Intel Xeon X5670 - 6
Both heatsinks removed.

A closer look at the heatsink:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 7

Next, we unlock the sockets to remove the CPUs:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 8

I’ll replace the CPU’s with the ones in the antistatic bags:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 9

So, we first need to remove the CPU’s from the Socket:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 10

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Intel Xeon X5670:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 11

Here’s one CPU installed in one of the sockets:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 12

And now, let’s take a look at the back of the other CPU and install it:

Finally, we now need to lock the sockets now:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 15

At this moment, the CPUs have been installed on the server. We now need to clean the old thermal paste from the heatsinks, apply new thermal paste to the CPUs and attach the heatsinks back to the server.

The heatsinks currently looks like this:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 16

To remove the old thermal paste, I’ll be using some alcohol swabs:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 17

They are clean now:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 18

Before inserting the heatsinks back on, we need to apply Thermal Paste to the CPUs. I use Arctic Silver in my PC builds, so here I’ll use it too:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 19

Ok. I admit I’m not an expert when it comes to applying Thermal Paste:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 20

Now we can finally put back the heatsinks:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 21

Since the server now has an additional 8 threads, it is a good idea to add 8GB of additional RAM. Here are 2 sticks of 4GB each:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 22

RAM inserted:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 23

Finally, we insert back the plastic cover, the case, and we can boot the server:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 24

Yay! It booted!

Intel Xeon X5670 - 25

CPU-Z Screenshots

Here’s a screenshot of both CPUs:

And here’s the CPU caches:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 28

A look at BOINC and the Task Manager

Now that the server has the 2 Intel Xeon X5670, it now has 24 total threads. Let’s take a look at the Task Manager:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 29

And a look at BOINC:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 30

And finally, a look at both the Task Manager and BOINC:

Intel Xeon X5670 - 31

I hope you all enjoyed this article! Now, let’s see if I get a motherboard to put the old Intel Xeon X5570 CPUs to work with a GPU.