Steemit.Chat Post Poster v1.1 released!

Steemit.Chat Post Poster v1.1 released!

Note: This tool is no longer updated nor maintained.

Hi everyone,

In this post, I’d like to talk about the newest release of my tool called Steemit.Chat Post Poster. Post Poster v1.1 - 1

V1.1 is an improvement release and also adds Spanish Language support.

The Graphical User Interface has been tweaked a little as well.

This tool is designed to send your Steem Posts to channels you specify into Steemit.Chat and uses the Rocket.Chat.Net API to interact with Steemit.Chat.

To send a post, you can copy and paste the URL of your post, or you can type your Steem username and press the Get your latest posts! button. Post Poster v1.1 - 2

You then select a post and you’ll see the Link will appear in the field below the Link of the Post to send to Steemit.Chat: Post Poster v1.1 - 3

Now, enter your Steemit.Chat Username and Password along with the channels you wish to send the post to: Post Poster v1.1 - 4

Finally, press the Send to Steemit.Chat! button: Post Poster v1.1 - 5

That’s all!

Full v1.1 Changelog:

  • Posts now shows correctly
  • Translated into Spanish
  • Added Witness Vote Link using SteemConnect
  • Some Graphical User Interfaces changes

Downloads and Source Code:

The latest version can be downloaded on GitHub here.

The Source Code is available here.

The software is written in Visual Basic .NET

Spanish Interface: Post Poster v1.1 - Spanish - 5