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Steem.Chat Post Poster v1.3 released!

Steem.Chat Post Poster v1.3 released!

Note: This software is no longer maintained nor updated.

Hi everyone,

Steem.Chat Post Poster is a software that can automate posting your posts to different channels in Steem.Chat. The truth is that lots of channels are filled with post links, so this utility can help you send your posts to the chat. Of course, I would recommend looking at the chat and viewing each user’s posts, but if you prefer, I also provide this option of batch-sending posts.

Since yesterday, I began reworking with my Steem.Chat post poster software which was outdated. First of all, it didn’t used the new URL so I updated that. I also did some changes to the GUI and added a new feature! Let’s find it out!

Can now import and export channel list:

There’s a moment when you write a post but with different categories, and there’s a lot of channels to post your post, but then when you write another post, it may be of a different category. In the previous version, you would need to manually remove the channel list and add the new channels, and then if you wanted to share your post with another category, you would need to do the remove/add channel again. Luckily, now with this version, I’ve added the ability to save your channel lists so that when you want to use the same channels again, you just import it.

To do this, just go the “Channel” list menu and select either import or export: Post Poster v1.3 - 1

The software functionality remains the same as in previous versions, but references to were changed to

Other visual changes are that the Vote Witness link is now placed in the Menu Bar so you can click that and vote me as a Witness easily. The same goes to Donations shall you want to send me some STEEM/SBD or other crypto coins.


Simply, enter your Steem.Chat username, password, add channels and then use the Get your latest posts! button to get your latest posts. Select a post and you’ll see the link of it in the center field. Then, press the Send to Steem.Chat! button. Your post will be sent to the channels automatically: Post Poster v1.3 - 2

You don’t necessarily need to send a link. You can also add your personalized message to the Link field and it will send your post along with the message.


You can download this release at GitHub here.

After downloading it, extract the ZIP file and launch the file named SteemChatPostPoster.exe.

The source code can be found here.

The software was developed in Visual Basic .NET using Visual Studio 2017. It depends on the Rocket.Chat.Net library to interact with the Rocket.Chat-based platform.


Maybe add more chats if they become available? 😂

I performed several commits today, making some existing code changes as well as writing new code to this: Post Poster v1.3 - 3


Steemit.Chat Post Poster v1.1 released!

Steemit.Chat Post Poster v1.1 released!

Note: This tool is no longer updated nor maintained.

Hi everyone,

In this post, I’d like to talk about the newest release of my tool called Steemit.Chat Post Poster. Post Poster v1.1 - 1

V1.1 is an improvement release and also adds Spanish Language support.

The Graphical User Interface has been tweaked a little as well.

This tool is designed to send your Steem Posts to channels you specify into Steemit.Chat and uses the Rocket.Chat.Net API to interact with Steemit.Chat.

To send a post, you can copy and paste the URL of your post, or you can type your Steem username and press the Get your latest posts! button. Post Poster v1.1 - 2

You then select a post and you’ll see the Link will appear in the field below the Link of the Post to send to Steemit.Chat: Post Poster v1.1 - 3

Now, enter your Steemit.Chat Username and Password along with the channels you wish to send the post to: Post Poster v1.1 - 4

Finally, press the Send to Steemit.Chat! button: Post Poster v1.1 - 5

That’s all!

Full v1.1 Changelog:

  • Posts now shows correctly
  • Translated into Spanish
  • Added Witness Vote Link using SteemConnect
  • Some Graphical User Interfaces changes

Downloads and Source Code:

The latest version can be downloaded on GitHub here.

The Source Code is available here.

The software is written in Visual Basic .NET

Spanish Interface: Post Poster v1.1 - Spanish - 5
SteemPoster v1.3 released!

SteemPoster v1.3 released!

Note: This software is no longer maintained or updated.

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ve released v1.3 of SteemPoster.

This release fixes an issue that caused the post to fail to post when you used the & symbol.

SteemPoster v1.3

As usual, download it at GitHub here.

The Source Code can be found here.

Introducing Steemit.Chat Post Poster! Yup, it does what it says!

Introducing Steemit.Chat Post Poster! Yup, it does what it says!

Note: This software is no longer updated ore maintained.

Hi everyone,

Today, I present you my latest creation:

Steemit Chat Post Poster v1.0

This is Steemit.Chat Post Poster, and what it does is that you simply insert the link to your post, enter your Steemit.Chat username and password, enter a few channels to post, and then press the “Send to Steemit.Chat!” button.

You can also write your Steemit Username and press the “Get my latest posts” button and it will fetch your latest posts, so you can click on the name of the post and the link will be shows in the Link field. Then, you just press the “Send to Steemit.Chat!” button and your post will appear in Steemit.Chat!

Sounds great, right? That’s because it is great 😀

The tool is open source, for those who want to take a look at the code before using it and is available in GitHub, here.

You can download the software also in GitHub, here.

I hope you all enjoy this software!

Steemit Posts to Website Integrator v1.3 released!

Steemit Posts to Website Integrator v1.3 released!

Note: This software is no longer updated.

Hi everyone,

In the past few days, I released v1.3 of my Steemit Posts to Website Integrator tool. This release fixes an exception error. Also fixed is the Tab Order along with other bug fixes and improvements. Other than that, the rest of the software remains the same.

Steemit Posts to Website Integrator v1.3

Full Changelog

v1.3 (5/5/2017)

  • Fixed Null Object Reference Exception error
  • Settings are now saved in AppData directory. You can safely delete the “SteemitPostsToWebsiteConfig.conf” file as it is no longer needed
  • Get Posts button will now be disabled while posts are getting fetched to prevent pressing it again
  • A bug that didn’t checked the default language (English) when starting the software for the first time has been fixed
  • Tab Index has been fixed as well. When pressing the Tab key, it will go from “Password” to “Show Resteemed Posts” instead of the “Get Posts” button.

Download this new version by clicking here.