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Eating at Las Margaritas Restaurant

Eating at Las Margaritas Restaurant

Hi everyone,

Yesterday night, I went to eat at Las Margaritas Restaurant, located in Ocala, Florida, where you can eat a variety of Mexican food, like burritos, fajitas, etc. It is a nice place to go and eat in family, and enjoy the food. Here, today, I’m sharing the plate I ate at this great restaurant.

This is their menú:

Las Margaritas Restaurant 1
Las Margaritas Menú

Quickly after sitting down, I ordered Sprite to drink:

Las Margaritas Restaurant 2
Sprite drink

They gave us some chips with a sauce:

Las Margaritas Restaurant 3
Chips with sauce

And then, when I was ready to order, I ordered the Burrito Campechano, which, according to their menu, is a burrito with grilled steak and ground Mexican saugage, some vegetables, and somes with Mexican rice, refried beans, guacamole and sour cream:

Las Margaritas Restaurant 4
Burrito Campechano

This is actually the second time I go to this restaurant and I really like their food. It tastes good and the overal environment is really nice. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Preparing Dinner 2: Chicken Drumsticks

Preparing Dinner 2: Chicken Drumsticks

Hi everyone,

Today, I’d like to show you how easy is it to cook Chicken Drumsticks:

First, we defrost them and place them in the Air Fryer:

Chicken Drumsticks - 1

We then will give it 10 minutes. When it finishes, we will turn them and give them 10 minutes. We will keep doing this process until the Chicken Thights looks like this (Note that I did a quick cut to allow them to cook faster):

Chicken Drumsticks - 2

We will cook Frnech Fries if we want to, by giving them 5 minutes and turning them. Then we give them another 5 minutes:

Chicken Drumsticks - 3

Dinner is served:

Chicken Drumsticks - 4

All photos where taken with the new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Bon appetite!

Preparing Dinner: Pork Chop

Preparing Dinner: Pork Chop

Pork Chops - Air Fryer - 1

Hi everyone,

In this post, I’ll show you how easy it is to prepare Pork Chops 😂

The first step is to defrost them:

Pork Chops - Air Fryer - 2

The second step is to season them:

Pork Chops - Air Fryer - 3

The third step is to put them in the Air Cooker:

Pork Chops - Air Fryer - 4

We will give them 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Once it finishes, we will turn them and give them another 10 minutes:

Pork Chops - Air Fryer - 5

Once it’s finished, they are ready to be eaten:

Pork Chops - Air Fryer - 6


Preparing fries: We simply put them in the air cooker and we give them 5 minutes at 400 degrees. Then, we turn them and give them another 5 minutes but we lower the temperature, so they will not get burned. This way, we eat more healthy since we are not frying them:

Air Frier - French Fries

The result is shown in the first picture of this post.

Bon Apetite!

My Favorite Cake: Oreo Cake!

My Favorite Cake: Oreo Cake!

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m going to share my favorite cake.

It is the Oreo Cake that I’ve seen at Publix here in Florida, USA.

The box looks like this:

Oreo Cake - 1

Why I like this cake? It’s basically Ice Cream of Cookies and Cream but with Oreo pieces, and the huge Oreo piece at the center of the cake is very delicious as well.

This is a perfect cake for birthdays or to just eat it on your own. Anyways, it tastes really good and it’s my favorite so far.

Oreo Cake - 2

What do you think? Let me know in the comments 😋