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Pioneer BDR-2212 Teardown

Pioneer BDR-2212 Teardown

Hi everyone,

Today, we will be seeing a teardown of the Pioneer BDR-2212 Blu-Ray recorder. Like most PC Disc drives, a teardown is usually a very simple process.

First, let’s take a look at the drive itself:

Before attempting to open it, we must open the disc tray, so we’ll be able to remove the front faceplate:

Pioneer BDR-2212 Teardown 4

We will now flip the drive and remove each screw:

Pioneer BDR-2212 Teardown 5

And viola! We now have opened the drive:

Pioneer BDR-2212 Teardown 6

Its internals are very similar to most drives. You’ll find 2 small boards: One which holds the drive controller and EEPROM, and one that holds the tray loading mechanism:

Pioneer BDR-2212 Teardown 7

Here, you can take a closer look at both boards:

Now, lets take a front look:

Pioneer BDR-2212 Teardown 10

The internals are also very close to other Blu-Ray drives. In this case, the DVD and Blu-Ray optics are side-by-side, while other drives have this arranged in an up-down position. The LG drive, for example, have the Blu-Ray and DVD optics in an up-down configuration while the Panasonic drive also has a very similar side-by-side setup.

Pioneer BDR-2212 Teardown 11

On the left, we have the DVD optics while on the right, we have the Blu-Ray optics. The Optical Pickup Unit looks of very high quality. The motor is similar to other drives.

I hope this drive lasts a really long time. Internally, I would say each component looks very well designed, especially that Optical Pickup Unit. I’m still not sure whether to use this drive for CD and DVD burning, since that honor would go to my LiteOn iHAS524. It is, after all, capable of burning DVDs at up to 24x but burns most media at 20x when its OverSpeed setting is enabled. The Pioneer is able to burn up to 16x on DVD Single Layer media. I’m also not sure if the BDR-2212 is able to set the booktype on DVD+R and DVD+R DL discs, something that my LiteOn drive is able to do.

Another day, we’ll talk about how this drive handles BD-R DL media.

You can get this drive on Amazon at the following link:

Avantree Leaf Teardown – USB Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX Low Latency codec

Avantree Leaf Teardown – USB Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX Low Latency codec

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m sharing with you this simple teardown of the Avantree Leaf, which is a USB Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX Low Latency codec. See the Unboxing and Overview here!

I love opening products and finding out what’s inside of them, and then I’ll rebuild it to continue using it. Let’s find out what’s inside this USB Bluetooth Transmitter!

Avantree Leaf - 4

First, I’ll remove the green rubber protector from it:

Now, to take apart the plastic case, we can use a small (-) screwdriver to separate both ends of the case.

When we take one of the part, we will immediately see the Printed Circuit Board (PCB):

Avantree Leaf Teardown - 3

Now, we can take the Printed Circuit Board out:

Avantree Leaf Teardown - 4

The main chip is the one in the middle. This adapter makes use of a CSR8670 chip. You can read more of this chip here:

This is the other side of the PCB:

Avantree Leaf Teardown - 5

And to conclude our Teardown, here is every part of this transmitter:

Avantree Leaf Teardown - 6

An yes, I’ve voided the warranty by doing this teardown XD. Hope you liked it!

You can get this adapter on Amazon here.