Today, My ASRock X570M Pro4 Motherboard died

Today, My ASRock X570M Pro4 Motherboard died

UPDATE: Turns out that the issue was in fact the EVGA 600B Power Supply I was using. The motherboard is indeed working and I’ve installed it again. The power supply has been replaced with the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W Power Supply Unit.

Hi everyone,

Today, I experienced a motherboard failure. My ASRock X570M Pro4 decided to no longer power up.

ASRock X570M Pro4

This happened while I was rebooting my machine to install the latest BIOS update, 3.60. I used the Windows Recovery menu to boot straight to the UEFI settings and was able to turn off the fTPM setting as required to perform a BIOS update. I saved and exited the BIOS but forgot to press the key to go to the BIOS settings again. I then turned off the machine by using the case power button, and that’s where the board decided to die. After it turned off, I pressed the button again to power it on, but I was not successful. The board was also configured to power on upon a power failure, so I switched the Power Supply off and turned it on again, but it did not turned on.

I ruled out the following:

  1. Power Supply: My machine is powered by a cheap EVGA 600W Power Supply I’ve had for years. It came with a Power Test Jumper and it turned on upon jumping it. This rules out that the issue was the power supply, at least with the main 24-pin connector.
  2. CPU: This machine used an AMD Ryzen 9 3950x 16-core CPU. I had an AMD Ryzen 7 2700x unused as my other machine is still using the 1st gen AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU. I swapped it, but it also did not turn on. This rules out that the issue is the CPU
  3. GPU: The machine did nothing even with the GPU out of it. At least it should have failed on BIOS posting as the GPU is required for the above mentioned CPUs. (No integrated graphics).
  4. NVMe drives: I tested these on another machine. Luckily, they still work, so it’s not an NVMe drive issue.

Maybe something short circuited in the board and since I normally did not turned off the machine, maybe this issue was happening already and now it can’t be turned on.

In the end, I ended up ordering the ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-PLUS with integrated Wifi 6. While this is technically a downgrade from the X570 chipset to the B550, my old ASUS B350M-A/CSM board is still going strong. I expect this new ASUS board to last while we wait for AMD’s Zen 4.