Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: The Hunchback of Notre Dame got released today!

Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: The Hunchback of Notre Dame got released today!

Hi everyone,

Today, we got a new entry in the Walt Disney Record: The Legacy Collection soundtrack series. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Walt Disney Records has released The Legacy Collection: The Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack.

Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: The Hunchback of Notre Dame Album Streaming on Tidal on a Hiby R3 Pro Sabe Digital Audio Player.

While today should have been the official launch date (Maybe for the CD version), the album has been available for a few days on streaming services.

I listened to this 2-disc album version yesterday and I can say that the experience this soundtrack provides is unique. Not only are the tracks in order along with the score, but you also get demo tracks from the composer Alan Menker and the lyricist Stephen Schwartz on the 2nd disc. These tracks have been remastered for this album, according to the track descriptions.

For those Disney and soundtrack fans, this is an album worth listening. The album should be available on major streaming services.

Track List

Disc 1

1.“The Bells of Notre Dame”Paul Kandel, David Ogden Stiers, Tony Jay, Chorus6:22
2.“Morning in the Bell Tower” 4:07
3.“Out There”Tony Jay and Tom Hulce5:52
4.“The World Outside” 3:11
5.“Feast of Fools” 1:06
6.“Topsy Turvy”Paul Kandel and Chorus5:33
7.“The Pillory” 3:50
8.“Humiliation” 1:20
9.“Frollo’s Judgement” 3:05
10.“God Help the Outcasts”Heidi Mollenhauer and Chorus3:42
11.“The Cathedral” 7:04
12.“Heaven’s Light / Hellfire”Tom Hulce, Tony Jay and Chorus5:58
13.“Find the Girl” 3:18
14.“A Guy Like You”Jason Alexander, Charles Kimbrough, Mary Wickes and Mary Stout2:57
15.“Escape” 7:51
16.“The Court of Miracles”Paul Kandel and Chorus1:41
17.“Sanctuary!” 2:19
18.“And He Shall Smite the Wicked” 8:02

Disc 2

1.“Emergence” 2:12
2.“The Bells of Notre Dame (Reprise)”Paul Kandel and Chorus1:09
4.“God Help the Outcasts”Bette Midler3:30
5.“The Bells of Notre Dame (Demo)”Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz7:19
6.“Die Glocken Notre Dames”Jens Janke and Norbert Lamla and Carlo Lauber and Chorus6:03
7.“Out There (Demo 1)”Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz4:07
8.“Out There (Demo 2)”Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz4:14
9.“Draussen”Drew Sarich2:37
10.“Topsy Turvy (Demo 1)”Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz6:03
11.“Topsy Turvy (Demo 2)”Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz5:11
12.“God Help the Outcasts (Demo 1)”Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz4:16
13.“God Help the Outcasts (Demo 2)”Heidi Mollenhauer2:54
14.“Someday (Demo)”Alan Menken3:11
15.“Someday”Heidi Mollenhauer3:16
16.“In a Place of Miracles (Synth Demo)”Alan Menken and Heidi Mollenhauer and Stephen Schwartz5:21
17.“Hellfire (Demo)”Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz3:30
18.“Heaven’s Light (Reprise – Demo)”Alan Menken1:28
19.“A Guy Like You (1st Demo)”Alan Menken2:49
20.“A Guy Like You (Full Demo)”Alan Menken4:06