Where to rent Resident Evil: Death Island?

Where to rent Resident Evil: Death Island?

Hi everyone,

This week, we didn’t got any new movies at Redbox. However, some weeks ago, there were 2 movies intended to be released this past Tuesday, including Resident Evil: Death Island:

Redbox Kiosk Coming Soon Page - June 27, 2023

While Redbox didn’t brought this movie to its kiosks, you can still manage to rent it if you have a GameFly subcription. That service has the movie on Blu-Ray and 4K UHD (Sorry, no DVD):

You can use the following links to rent the movie on GameFly in your favorite format:

Unfortunately, the movie is not available on Netflix DVD, so the only choice is to rent it on GameFly by the time being.

If Redbox adds this movie to the kiosks at a later date, I’ll let everyone know. You can also opt to buy the movie on Amazon using the following links:

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