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Downloading ffmpeg for Exhale GUI

Note: This guide is obsolete. Please refer to the new guide to download ffmpeg by clicking here. Hi everyone, In this post, I’ll guide you through the steps to download ffmpeg and use it in Exhale GUI. This is needed if you want to encode files in formats other than WAV. To download ffmpeg, follow these easy steps: Go to We will leave everything as is and press the Download Build button: Once downloaded, click on the file:: Navigate…

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Exhale GUI

Exhale GUI is a Graphical User Interface to encode audio files to the xHE-AAC MPEG-4 audio codec using the Exhale command-line encoder. The software will only encode WAV files if ffmpeg is not available. In the case ffmpeg is available, it will encode ffmpeg-compatible audio files. It will also write audio tags to the output file. The software also allows to encode your audio files stored in a Google Drive account. The files will be encoded and stored locally. If…

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Collaborating in the exhale project – Part 2

Hi everyone, Yesterday, I began working on my second collaboration for the exhale xHE-AAC USAC encoder. This time, I worked on adding an argument to print the software version on the console. The above is the main software, printing its information as well as how to use it. There was no option to print the version only. Ideally, I just wanted a way to print something like exhale version 1.0.3 … that I can easily parse it as I do…

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My first GitLab contribution: exhale encoder

Hi everyone, Yesterday, I collaborated on the exhale xHE-AAC Audio Encoder to add compatibility to compile the project on MinGW on Windows. The exhale project is an Open-Source xHE-AAC USAC encoder. It allows you to encode wave (WAV) files to M4A using this specific codec. Originally, compilation on Windows was done using Visual Studio, and this worked fine, but when compiling it on MSYS2/MinGW, it gave some issues, specifically: It also complained about fprintf_s, so some changes needed to be…

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Downloading ffmpeg for use with my Media tools – Updated Guide

Hi everyone, In this post, I’ll detail the steps to download and use ffmpeg with my tools that supports it. Tools that makes use of it are the following: Audio MD5 Checker Exhale GUI Opus GUI rav1e GUI SVT-AV1 GUI Ffmpeg allows these tools to work with a variety of formats. For example, on Exhale and Opus GUI, it allows a number of formats to be encoded into .opus and xHE-AAC formats. On rav1e and SVT-AV1 GUI, it is needed…

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This is a list of my computer software: Cloud Software Google Drive Uploader Tool IPFS Local Explorer Data Compression Graphical User Interfaces cmix_gui: GUI for cmix divans_gui: GUI for divANS PAQCompress Precomp GUI TIFF Recompressor Data, statistics and report software Embalses de Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico Reservoirs Report Generator Educational Software Sum of Homogeneous Fractions Multimedia Software Audio MD5 Checker DLNA Player Exhale GUI FLAC GUI MP3Packer GUI Opus GUI rav1e GUI SVT-AV1 GUI