Amazon Orders never shipped?

Amazon Orders never shipped?

Yesterday, I ordered 2 USB 3.0 Hubs to use in a project I’m working. Today, I woke up with a notification of an undeliverable order, while the other one has a tracking code, yet it shows as not shipped but that would be delivered today:

The only order I actually received is the 3 Vantec 12.7mm enclosures I ordered in the week.

Vantec 12.7mm June 2021 order

It’s interesting that when I click on the “Undeliverable” USB Hub, it says the order is being prepared:

But then again, there is a tracking number provided which shows the following:

Sabrent 10 port USB 3.0 hub Undeliverable

An Amazon agent confirmed to me that the item was undeliverable, which I really don’t understand why it happened in the first place. I went ahead and ordered another one. Let’s hope it gets delivered tomorrow.

Sabrent 10 port USB 3.0 hub New Order

The other USB hub shows as “Arriving today” as well, but the item tracking says it isn’t shipped, yet it shows a tracking number (not shown in the screenshot):

It’s clear that both items will not be delivered today, adding a delay in my optical drive project.