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The PlexDisc CD-R 100pk Spindle

The PlexDisc CD-R 100pk Spindle

Hi everyone,

Today, we’ll see the PlexDisc CD-R 100pk I got from Amazon some time ago:

These discs are manufactured by Optodisc Taiwan, and holds 700MB of data or 80 minutes of audio. They can be burned at up to 52x, altough nowadays most writers burn them at up to 48x.

The discs have a logo top:

Here is how a single disc looks:

It has a light green color on the data side. The discs seem to be well made. ImgBurn says the discs have a Daxon media code:

PlexDisc CD-R on Optiarc AD-7561A

In my next post, we’ll see how well my IDE Slim Optical Drives handles this media.

You can get these discs on Amazon at the following link:

My 2nd Batch of Used BDXL discs

My 2nd Batch of Used BDXL discs

On the past days, I wrote about having purchased an used spindle of 10 Verbatim BDXL discs. I mentioned that I had also ordered the same item again, but the used condition mentioned was “Like New”. Today, we’ll see my experience this time, which may or may not surprise you.

The first thing is I received this item on an “Amazon Renewed” bag. The sticker is different from the “Amazon Inspected” one from my previous order:

"Verbatim" BDXL Used Discs 1

Visually looking, we can see that the spindle looks fine itself:

"Verbatim" BDXL Used Discs 2

Taking the spindle out of the packaging also doesn’t bring any serious alarm, except that the Verbatim label is broken:

"Verbatim" BDXL Used Discs 3

Now, after opening it, is where I noticed something weird. Looking at the data side, it looks more “purple”:

"Verbatim" BDXL Used Discs 6

Indeed, inserting this on one of my Blu-Ray drives indicates these are regular 25GB discs. It also has another media code unrelated to Verbatim itself: UMEBDR-016-000

"Verbatim" BDXL Used Discs 8

The real Verbatim BDXL discs have a Media ID of VERBAT-IMk-000:

ImgBurn Panasonic UJ260 1

This is how a Verbatim BDXL disc should look:

"Verbatim" BDXL Used Discs 7

And here they are side by side. See the difference?

"Verbatim" BDXL Used Discs 5

The fact that the label was broken is also sketchy. Here are both spindles closed side by side:

"Verbatim" BDXL Used Discs 4

My theory is that the previous owner kept the 100GB discs and exchanged them with regular 25GB printable discs and returned them. I went ahead and started the return process, stating this fact, and returned this item to my nearest UPS Store. At this time, all I can say is be careful when purchasing used discs. My previous experience was positive, but not this one.

The “Used” Verbatim BDXL discs

The “Used” Verbatim BDXL discs

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon, I received the “Used – Good” Verbatim BDXL discs that I purchased last week. Today, we’ll see exactly what these discs really mean and if they are really used.

First, we see the item arrived on a bag. Visually inspecting it from the bag it seems the packaging itself looks good.

Verbatim BDXL Used-Good 1

Indeed, it all looks good, except it isn’t really wrapped like new items are, so the spindle was actually opened already.

Verbatim BDXL Used-Good 2

The spindle package looks so good that there are not even damages to it, which contradicts Amazon’s description of “Used – Good” items since it claimed that there were some damages.

Verbatim BDXL Used-Good 3

Taking a look at the discs itself, they also look good. There are no imperfections on it, which also contradicts their definition of the “Used – Good” condition.

Verbatim BDXL Used-Good 4

Even the data side looks fine. No disc have been burned either, so they are “brand new”.

Verbatim BDXL Used-Good 5

What I did notice, however, was a bit of dust in them, but that was it. No scratches or imperfections were found in them. As of now, I’m currently burning these discs, gently cleaning them before attempting to burn them to clear any dust they may have. Last night, the first 2 discs burned successfully. I’m burning my 3rd one as of this writing, and it’s going good so far, using my Panasonic UJ-260 ABPU-B.

For the price, this was a really good deal!

Get this item on Amazon below:

Buying Used BDXL discs. What to expect?

Buying Used BDXL discs. What to expect?

On the past few days, I ordered several quantities of BDXL discs to backup my recorded videos from the past years. These projects have varying sizes and some goes up to 1TB. This means I need several of these BDXL discs to back them up.

When looking at the BDXL media on Amazon, I noticed they can be purchased “Used” straight from the Amazon Warehouse seller. A spindle of 10 discs cost $41.88, while the Used condition was at $36.85.

It’s going to be interesting to see the definition of “Used” for these discs. The description says the packaging is damaged, and Amazon’s definition for “Used – Good” items say that they may be missing items. The order description talks about some “imperfections”, which will be interesting to see exactly what it means. While the price certainly is lower, maybe it may have 8 or 9 out of 10 discs, or maybe it’s just the packaging that’s bad and that’s it. In either way, tomorrow I’ll get to know for sure once it is delivered to me.

Today, before writing this post, I noticed Amazon Warehouse had the same product, this time listed as “Used – Like New”. The price was $39.79, which is $2 and some cents off the original new price. The description says that just the packaging is damaged, which is manageable if that’s the case. The most important part for me is that the discs are fine by themselves. This item will arrive on February 6 or sooner.

While I wait for these items to arrive, I’m compressing and splitting my projects into 23.3GB parts. This allows me to store 4 of those on a single BDXL disc. I’m burning these using my old Panasonic UJ-260 slim Blu-Ray writer since my LG WH14NS40 seems to have failures sometimes. I’ve wasted some discs already due to issues with that drive, while my Panasonic drive burns them flawlessly, although at just 2x, taking about 3 hours to burn and 2 hours to verify. While the burning time is long, the important part is that these discs are burning fine and can be read back correctly. I’m burning these discs with Nero 2017 using the SecurDisc compilation option.

The IFI IEMatch 2.5mm is on sale!

The IFI IEMatch 2.5mm is on sale!

Hi everyone,

Today is Black Friday, and it seems Amazon is having a sale for the iFi IEMatch 2.5mm Audio Attenuator.

This device usually retails for about $59, but today, you can get it for just $49. That’s the same price of the 3.5mm version!

IFI IEMatch 2.5mm on Amazon
IFI IEMatch 2.5mm on Amazon

If you’re an owner of sensitive IEMs, you may have experienced the problem where you hear some background noise, or the volume control stepping is really bad. It is either too low, or too high, with no middle point. This little adapter will reduce the hiss and noise from the audio source in which it’s being used, as well as helping you at having better volume control.

The IFI IEMatch 2.5mm is basically the same as its 3.5mm version, except that it is designed for use with 2.5mm sources. It has the same 2 operational modes: High, and Ultra. High reduces the audio volume by 12db, while the Ultra setting reduces the audio volume by 24db.

I’m an owner of the iFi IEMatch 3.5mm version, and use it with my Hidizs MS4 in the Ultra setting. It works wonderfully when used with some USB DACs that are way too loud when used with this sensitive IEM.

IFI IEMatch 3.5mm
IFI IEMatch 3.5mm

Since I now own a 2.5mm DAC, and another one is in the way, I’ve decided to take advantage of this sale to use it with my 2.5mm DACs and have better volume control.

I’ll write another post detailing the improvements of using this with my DACs. In the meantime, you can take advantage of this sale by clicking on the link below:

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU shipping today!

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU shipping today!

Hi everyone,

As I told you yesterday, today the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU will be shipped, meaning I will get it tomorrow. There is still a motherboard shortage but my estimate for the motherboard is still showing delivery by next week as of today morning, so it seems I’ll be able to build my Ryzen system by next week.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Amazon Shipping Today

I’m gonna take some pictures of the CPU once I receive it, so look forward to it!

Finally, my AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU is getting ready to be shipped to me! Motherboard expected by next week!

Finally, my AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU is getting ready to be shipped to me! Motherboard expected by next week!

Hi everyone,

Today I’m happy to report that Amazon is preparing my AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU to ship, so I will either get it tomorrow or Friday, but most likely will be on Friday given they are preparing to ship the CPU as of this moment and the product page says orders placed as of this time will be delivered on Friday. So yeah, finally my CPU is shipping! Also, I got an estimate for the motherboard, which is expected to be delivered by next week!

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Amazon Preparing for shipping

What about you? Have your AMD Ryzen CPU shipped or is in the process to be shipped? Have you received your Ryzen CPU already? Or did you cancelled your AMD Ryzen CPU pre-order and ordered in another place? Let me know in the comments

Also, Check out my unboxing of the case I’ll be using for this AMD Ryzen build by clicking here!

The Amazon Fire $50 tablet

The Amazon Fire $50 tablet

Hi Everyone,

Amazon currently has the Amazon Fire tablet on sale for $39.99 due to the Christmas Season.

The tablet is very basic but it is still a cool tablet for the price 🙂

Here is my unboxing video of the tablet. Enjoy!

Click the link below to buy this tablet:

[4K] The BLU R1 HD Unboxing video by Moises Cardona, in splendid 4K, perfect for mining Gridcoin

[4K] The BLU R1 HD Unboxing video by Moises Cardona, in splendid 4K, perfect for mining Gridcoin

Hi everyone,

So, when Amazon anounced their Prime Day, I saw this phone, so I kept a look in it until finally Prime Day came, and I ordered it. So far, I am impressed with this phone, and for just $50 for the 1GB RAM/8GB storage version, it is one of the cheapest phones you will find. Also, if you’re interested in mining Gridcoin and help with Scientific Research, this is a phone that will run BOINC just fine and will not overheat like other expensive phones (Yes, I got this phone just to mine Gridcoin, and also to play Pokemon GO! I’m impressed with the battery life, as I can listed to music and still run BOINC and the battery will last hours, and same goes for Pokemon GO which drains the battery faster than any other app)

So, here it is, my BLU R1 HD Unboxing video! Enjoy!