rav1e AV1 encoding tests – 10/15/2018

rav1e AV1 encoding tests – 10/15/2018

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ve been performing some AV1 encoding tests using the rav1e encoder.

You need an AV1-compatible web browser to see the videos below.

The following videos were encoded using speed 10 and different quantizer settings to compare the quality. rav1e is in constant development so I’ll be performing lots of tests. The following uses the appveyor build from yesterday. I’ve managed to install the dependencies needed to build myself rav1e when new commits comes out, so expect my own builds and more video tests from me!

The original video is a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe clip that I captured using an AverMedia U3 capture card and using OBS with the H264 lossless profile. This video was then converted to y4m using ffmpeg and lastly processed using rav1e.exe.

–quantizer 200 -s 10

–quantizer 175 -s 10

–quantizer 160 -s 10

–quantizer 150 -s 10

Notice that the lower the quantizer setting, the better the footage is. These videos were all using the speed 10 quality setting. I’m currently encoding using the default speed of 3. I’ve tried using speed 0 too but it is insanely slow!!! I’ll try to run an encoding to test but it will take some time. rav1e.exe is currently single-threaded.