cmix_gui v1.0r3 – More improvements to the cmix_gui Graphical User Interface

cmix_gui v1.0r3 – More improvements to the cmix_gui Graphical User Interface


Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I introduced you to my graphical user interface cmix_gui, for the cmix compression software. Today, I continued working with cmix_gui and made 2 major improvements to it.

File preprocessing

cmix GUI v1.0r3 - 1

v1.0r2 which I worked today morning adds support for the -s argument of cmix, which preprocesses a file using a dictionary (In this case, with the provided english.dic file). You can also throw a folder to the software and it will preprocess each file inside the folder and subfolders. Also note that you can’t uncheck the “Use the English dictionary” checkbox as it is required for this operation.

cmix GUI v1.0r3 - 2
You can see the Command Line cmix software says we can preprocess files using the -s argument

This was implemented thanks to a member’s suggestion at the forum:

cmix GUI v1.0r3 - 3

Folder extraction:

It is now possible to extract compressed cmix files inside a folder, even if they have different versions or have files that use or not use the dictionary feature. The GUI will detect this based on the extension and adjust the extracting parameters accordingly:

cmix GUI v1.0r3 - 4

v1.0r2 was developed today during the morning while v1.0r3 was developed in the afternoon. 2 builds in a single day, yay!

I also added a Changelog file so you all can keep track of the releases 😁.

The following commits were done today:

cmix GUI v1.0r3 - 5


To download the new version, which is actually the first release I make publicly, go to the GitHub repo release section:

cmix GUI v1.0r3 - 6


Simply extract the downloaded ZIP file and open cmix_gui.exe:

cmix GUI v1.0r3 - 7

Future plans:

This is a very simple software. Long-term, it will be updated to support new cmix versions as they are released, and maybe add some things that may come into my mind or as suggestions are given to me.

Enjoy this release!

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