Google Drive Upload Tool v1.5 released!

Google Drive Upload Tool v1.5 released!

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released v1.5 of my Google Drive Upload Tool!

Here is how this version looks:

Google Drive Upload Tool v1.5
Google Drive Upload Tool v1.5 - Select a folder
Google Drive Upload Tool v1.5 - Create new folder

Version 1.5 Changelog

  • Changed “Length” to “File Size”
  • Added comma in file size (ex. 10,000.00 MB instead of 10000.00 MB)
  • When an error occurs, the upload will be retried automatically and also resume from the point it was interrumpted.
  • Searches for every file and folder inside a folder to upload. The uploads maintain the same structure
  • Option to preserve file modified date added.
  • Can now browse and create Folders to upload files
  • If copy/pasting folder ID from Google Drive, you can now press the Get Folder Name button to get the folder name based on its ID
  • Can drag and drop more files to upload to queue while uploading
  • Can select more than one file or folder to remove
  • Can now erase the entire upload list
  • Timeout reduced to 2 minutes (120 seconds). Should be enough as the chunk size was reduced to 1MB in v1.2

Source Code

Source Code can be found here.

Windows Binaries

Binaries can be found here.

Hope you like this software!