Google Drive Upload Tool v1.7 released!

Google Drive Upload Tool v1.7 released!

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released v1.7 of my tool Google Drive Upload Tool.

Google Drive Uploader & Explorer Tool v1.7

This is a release with lots of new features. Let’s check them out:


Download more than one file or a folder content:

Simply, select a file, files, or a folder and press ALT + D. Select a folder to save them and the download will begin.

Save the checksums of an entire folder content:

Simply, select a folder and press ALT + C in your keyboard to generate a checksum file of all of the folder content.

Select all files or folders:

Pressing ALT + A will select all files or folders.

Navigate Trash:

By pressing the View Trash button, you can see your Drive Trash content.

Send files/folders to trash:

Simply, select the file(s) or folder(s) and press the Delete key in your Keyboard.

Restore files/folders:

Simply, select the file(s) or folder(s) to restore and press ALT + R (When viewing trash).

Rename a file or folder:

Simply, select the file or folder to rename and press ALT + R (When not viewing trash).

Press F5 to refresh the file and folder browsers:

Pressing the F5 key in your keyboard will refresh the file and folder browsers in the software.

Press Enter to enter a folder:

In addition to double clicking a folder, you can also now press the Enter key to enter a folder.

Upload files to different folders:

You can upload files and folders to different folders. just browse for a folder and drag the files. Then, move to another folder and drag the files.

Partial chinese translation:

Thanks to a contributor in GitHub, the software is partially translated to Traditional Chinese

Logout button:

Also by a contributor in GitHub, a Log out button has been added.

The Preserve Modified Date has been removed:

All of the files to be uploaded will preserve their files. The checkbox is no longer needed, so it was removed.

Added Readme / Help link:

The link will open a browser window to the Readme file located in GitHub.


  • File download now works correctly
  • The Refresh List button now works
  • Files uploaded can be now deleted from disk without closing the software


  • Some translation fixes

Full Changelog:

v1.7 (2/24/2018)
-Fixed: "Refresh List" was not working.
-Fixed: Files uploaded can now be deleted without closing the software
-Fixed: File download should now work correctly.
-Can now enter a folder by selecting them and pressing the "Enter" key.
-Press the F5 key in the Folder or File List Box to refresh their contents
-Can now navigate to Trash
-Press the "Delete" key in the Folder List Box to move the selected folder(s) to the Trash
-Press the "Delete" key in the File List Box to move the selected file(s) to the Trash
-Press ALT + A to select all files in the Files of Folder List
-Press ALT + C to create Checksum file for all files inside a folder and their subfolders (recursion). Also works with individual or multiple files selected
-Press ALT + D to download selected file or files or a folder and all of its content to a specified local folder
-Press ALT + R when not viewing the trash to rename a file or folder
-Press ALT + R when viewing trash to restore the file or folder.
-Can now upload files to different folders
-Checksum filename for files inside a folder will have the folder name as default when browsing to save the file.
-Partial translation to Traditional Chinese (Translated by mic4126. Thank you!)
-Added Logout Button (By mic4126. Thank you!)
-Added Readme Link
-Removed "Preserve Modified Date" checkbox. All files will upload with their modified date.


v1.7 can be downloaded on GitHub here.

Source Code:

The source code can be found here.