The Hidizs EX-01

  • Posted on: 27 November 2018
  • By: moisesmcardona

Hi everyone,

Today, I'll show you the Hidizs EX-01 in-ear headphone:



We can see it has a frequency response of 20-20K. Also we can see that the driver size is 8mm.

I haven't taken the wrapping of it, so here's the pictures with the wrap taken off:



When I opened it, we can see some promotion material:


And then we can see the headphones itself:


When we take them out, this is how it looks:



How does it sounds? For me, it's ratter boomy, focused on bass and mid bass. The voices sound bassy too, but they are clear however. Since the focus seems to be on bass, the mids and treble seems to be recessed. Sound stage seems wide, but you'll be hearing more bass than any other instruments. They aren't silent, but it's rather annoying not able to hear other instruments as much as you're gonna be hearing bass.

On my own, I still prefer my Samsung AKG earbuds that came with my phone. These are rather more balanced and you can hear every frequency clearer. They have a little focus on bass but not as much as the EX-01, and also all of the other instruments can be heard clearly, with a more bright treble.


The EX-01 seems to be more on the warm side, which is not to my like and taste. I prefer a brighter signature. While I enjoy bass, I rather not have a headphone focused on it. Rather, I prefer ones that are more balanced and bright.

Hidizs also offers the EP-03 and the Seeds earphones which I do no have yet to compare.

Hidizs also makes DAPs (Digital Audio Players) and DACs (Digital-Analog Converters). I have the Hidizs DH1000 DAC which provides a very natural sound and an enjoyable sound.