Photos – The Prüfen Cable – Micro USB Cable with Monitoring

Photos – The Prüfen Cable – Micro USB Cable with Monitoring

Hi everyone,

Last month, I showed you the Unboxing video of the Prüfen Cable. You can see it by clicking here. Today, I’ll be showing you some pictures I took of it in the box and unboxed.

This is a cable that has a voltage, amperage, and temperature monitoring, and also has a mAh monitor. Additionally it has a timer to turn off the cable.

Here, you can see the box where the cable came:

Prüfen Cable 1

The back of the box:

Prüfen Cable 2

The side of the box:

Prüfen Cable 3

The other side:

Prüfen Cable 4

Here, you can see the box contents along with a short description of the cable features:

Prüfen Cable 5

A close look to the cable inside the box:

Prüfen Cable 6

Contents unboxed:

Prüfen Cable - Unboxed

The instruction manual:

Prüfen Cable 7

The cable inside the plastic:

Prüfen Cable 8

With the plastic cover taken off:

Prüfen Cable 9

The cable taken off the plastic holder:

Prüfen Cable 10

With the adhesive protector removed from the cable display:

Prüfen Cable 11

And finally, the holder for the USB-C and Apple Lightning connectors:

Prüfen Cable 12

This is a product I recommend. More information and to buy it, go to

Previously, this product was available in Kickstarter, but their latest campaign got suspended. Maybe because it was a relaunch of their previous successful campaign.

Their latest campaign was this one:

Their successful campaign where I backed this product is this one:

Hope you enjoyed this product photo shoot post!