Site back up – Restore in progress

Site back up – Restore in progress

Hi everyone,

Last week, we had a severe thunderstorm in the area. Unfortunately, a thunder strike caused the main transformer to be taken offline.

Once power was restored, I found out that some stuff got damaged. In the findings, the server data SSD was damaged. Luckily, I had a recent database backup.

I immediately moved to order the parts that needed to be replaced. The SSD warranty already expired, so I ordered a new one. I also ordered a new motherboard to replace the older ASUS B350M-A board that was being used. Additionally, I ordered a Thermaltake cooler to replace the stock AMD cooler as well as a Thermaltake Power Supply to replace the older EVGA Power Supply.

The site is now restored, but I still need to restore a few posts as well as some image files. Other than that, everything else seem to be online and working.

I will make another post once the missing image files are restored. I will also make a contingency plan to make backups more frequently. Keep tuned for more updates in this area.

Have a great weekend everyone!