TEGIC Block 01 Battery Issues

TEGIC Block 01 Battery Issues

Once again, I experienced a battery swelling issue. This time with the TEGIC Block 01 Power Back I received about 2 years ago and was a Kickstarter project I supported.

The battery swelling issue happened on its own. The unit was fully charged before and didn’t present this issue. However, last week, when I attempted to use it, I noticed it got swell.

The battery swelling seems to affect one side more than the other. It seems to be swelled more on the back side than on the front.

The above pictures are from the front side (LED side). We can see it is almost not noticeable there. However, on the back side, it is very noticeable as we can see on the following 2 images:

Due to this Power Bank exhibiting this symptom, I drained it completely and disposed of it properly on my local recycling center which recycles Lithium-Ion batteries.

TEGIC Block 01 Battery Problem 1

I also took a look at the newer Block 30 model I have, and it doesn’t present this symptom. Maybe it uses a better battery. We will be seeing it on another post.