The Pioneer DVR-XD09 External DVD Writer

The Pioneer DVR-XD09 External DVD Writer

Hi everyone,

Today, we will see the Pioneer DVR-XD09 optical drive:

This is an External DVD Writer that can burn the following media:

  • CD-R and CD-RW at up to 24x
  • DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW at up to 8x
  • DVD+/-R DL at up to 6x
  • DVD-RAM at up to 5x.

ImgBurn reports that the drive cannot read and burn DVD-RAM, but it also has an issue where it cannot retrieve the buffer size. It also states it does not support Layer Jump Recording which is used when burning double layer DVDs.

Pioneer DVR-XD09 1.02 capabilities

The product overview page states it supports DVD-RAM, so maybe ImgBurn cannot retrieve this information properly. I unfortunately do not have DVD-RAM media so I can’t test this either.

This drive uses a Micro USB connector:

Pioneer DVR-XD09 3

It is one of the few top-loading devices. Here we can see the optical pickup unit:

This laser mechanism is similar to the one in my LiteOn DS-8A5S and the Samsung SN-208AB.

This drive is already discontinued. It seems to be reading discs just fine. I’ll try to test the burning part of it later.

Amazon says there are some used drives available sold by third-parties. Here’s the item link in case you’re interested:

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