The TEGIC Block 30 Power Bank

The TEGIC Block 30 Power Bank

Hi everyone,

Today, we will be seeing the TEGIC Block 30. This is a Power Bank featuring a USB-A and USB-C ports and has a 10,000mAh battery. This power bank was first launched on Kickstarter with the title “Artistic 30W Fast Charging Power Bank“.

This is the 2nd power bank to be launched on the platform, with the TEGIC Block 01 being the first. That one experienced a battery failure recently, which led me to take out the TEGIC Block 30 and try it. This power bank is similar to the TEGIC Block 01 but should have a better circuitry to protect it as well as the devices we are charging.

Let’s start with the unboxing.


This power bank came in a case that very well protects it. It has the power bank specifications on the back:

Opening it reveals the TEGIC Block 30 Power Bank, along with its manual and a USB cable:

The Power Bank comes to prevent it from scratching during shipping:

Once we remove the protection sheet, we can see the TEGIC Block 30 as it is:

The battery capacity is 10,000mAh but it seems the power bank is limited to just 6,500mAh, according to the text on its back:

TEGIC Block 30 specs closeup in the back

The Power Bank as a single USB-A and USB-C port:

Comparison with the TEGIC Block 01

Below, you’ll see some pictures of the Block 30 on the left with the Block 01 on the right:

While they seem to be similar, you can see that the Block 30 has some extra chips and they’re in a separate board.


I decided to test the TEGIC Block 30 with my Nintendo Switch, which only had 4% of battery. The Switch battery capacity is 4,310mAh, which makes testing this power bank a great choice with it.

The very first thing was to charge the Block 30 completely before testing it with the Nintendo Switch:

Charging the TEGIC Block 30

Once charged, I connected it to the Nintendo Switch to charge the console:

We can see that the TEGIC Block 30 managed to charge it completely, with the Block 30 battery almost empty. Do note that I may have left it a bit more time connected to it, but even with almost 5 hours of having the battery connected to the Switch, it managed to charge it and still hold a bit of charge.


The TEGIC Block 30 seems to be a good battery to help us keep our devices charged. The see-through design is its main feature. It can output up to 30W and is why it’s called the Block 30. It also didn’t seem to overheat like some batteries seem to get after either charging or discharging. This is good because it should make the battery last a long time. The TEGIC Block 01 lasted about 2 years, so we’ll see how long the Block 30 will actually last.