Updating the BIOS of the ASUS E210MA laptop

Updating the BIOS of the ASUS E210MA laptop

Hi everyone,

In this post, we will see how to update the BIOS of the ASUS E210MA laptop I got for Christmas. It came with the BIOS 301 version, but we can update it to BIOS 304. Here, we will see the steps to update it.

ASUS E210MA 11.6 inch laptop - 20 - Laptop Powered On

Downloading the BIOS

The first thing we will do is go to ASUS Download Center support page and type our model number. This particular machine is model E210MA. We will click on “Driver & Utility”:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 00

Next, click on BIOS & FIRMWARE. This next step is tricky, as there seem to be an E210MA option but also an E210MAB model. Mine surprisingly was the latter. It could be that it is a new revision while the E210MA is for an older version. It is best to click on the link where it says “Please click here to confirm the BIOS model name” to know for sure which model you have.

I selected E210MAB from the drop-down because that’s the model of my machine:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 01

Because I’m using Linux, I can’t use the Windows updater version. I also think the best way to update a BIOS is through the BIOS update utility. To do this, scroll down and download the latest BIOS available for this machine. Currently, at the time of this post, it is version 304:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 02

Once the BIOS is downloaded, open the file and extract it to a USB flash drive:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 03

Updating the BIOS

To update the laptop’s BIOS, we need enter the BIOS. We will restart the machine and press the F2 or ESC key as soon as the ASUS logo is displayed to go to the BIOS. If you pressed ESC, you will be shown a list of boot devices, where you have to select the option to go to the UEFI BIOS:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 04

Enter the BIOS advanced mode and go to the “Advanced” tab. Then, select ASUS EZ Flash 3 Utility:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 05

Here, you will be asked to select a drive. Select the flash drive:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 06

Next, select the BIOS update file. The file name for the v304 BIOS file is E210MAB-AS.304:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 07

Confirm we want to use this file by pressing “Yes”:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 08

Now, confirm that you really want to update the BIOS by pressing “Yes” again:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 09

The update process will start. This may take a while:

Once the BIOS update finishes, you can confirm that it updated by going to the BIOS once more:

Updating ASUS E210MA BIOS 13

Congratulations. You have updated your ASUS E210MA BIOS.