A Transparent Blue Refurbished Nintendo DS Lite

A Transparent Blue Refurbished Nintendo DS Lite

Hi everyone,

In the past few months, I got a “refurbished” transparent blue Nintendo DS Lite and wanted to share it with you. The unit is really beautiful, really transparent and cool to look at the insides. The shipping experience was really positive and even through it is marketed as a refurbished unit, it actually looks and feels like new.

The unit came without a console box. Instead, it came wrapped inside a small shipping box along with a USB charging cable:

Both the front and back came protected with a protective sheet:

I took it off, and here’s without the sheets:

When opening it, you can see the LCD screens, with basically no scratches:

Refurbished Nintendo DS Lite 7

When powering it on, we can see the screens have a cool white color:

Refurbished Nintendo DS Lite 8

Games really look amazing in this model:

The color tone is cool, and looks very sharp and detailed. I’m not sure if these are third-party screens, given this is a refurbished model. The motherboard is of course, genuine, but the rest of the components may not be. However, whoever built this refurbished unit did an excellent job. The only downside that I really noticed is that the touch screen requires a bit more of pressure than usually required, but this may be due to third-party hardware. In reality, you don’t have to do a lot of pressure, but just a bit. The games all work and I haven’t had any button problems at all. Also questionable is the unit serial number. It really is not important, since this is an already discontinued model and out of official support, but it seems odd to have it on a third-party shell.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase, after all, I got it for just about $53 dollars. A really good deal!