Burning the SmartBuy DVD+R DL 8.5GB disc in the Optiarc AD-7561A drive

Burning the SmartBuy DVD+R DL 8.5GB disc in the Optiarc AD-7561A drive

Hi everyone,

Today, we will see how well a SmartBuy DVD+R DL disc burn in the Optiarc AD-7561A drive.

This unit supports burning these discs at a speed of 2.4x and 4x. This post will focus on a disc burned at 4x.

RITEK-S04-66 Optiarc AD-7561A ImgBurn 1

Burning the disc seem to have gone well:

While in the very first image I realized it doesn’t show the burning speed, it was actually burning at 2.4x. Same as the last image, since the drive burns in 2 zones, using the Z-CLV strategy. The rest of the discs burned at a constant 3.8x speed.

The disc verification was successful:

This is how the disc surface looks after burning:

SmartBuy DVD+R DL Burned Surface 4x Optiarc AD-7561A

You can see there are 2 visible zones in the disc, which are the 2.4x and 4x zones.

Quality Scans

We will now see some disc quality scans from the above disc. All of the scans are performed at a speed of 4x, except in the Optiarc AD-7561A and AD-7740H drives, and in the Pioneer BDR-2212 drive.

LiteOn iHAS524 A

RITEK-S04-66 Optiarc AD-7561A Quality Scan LiteOn iHAS524 4xPNG

This is a very good scan with only a few elevated numbers in the 2nd layer.

LiteOn iHBS112 2

RITEK-S04-66 Optiarc AD-7561A Quality Scan LiteOn iHBS112 4xPNG

This drive always seem to scan the PIF correctly but reports a lot of error in the PIE.


SmartBuy RITEK-S04-66 Optiarc AD-7561A LG WH16NS58

Numbers similar to the LiteOn iHAS524 drive, except the PIE are a bit higher by a few numbers.

Optiarc AD-7561A

This drive always reports elevated numbers.

Optiarc AD-7740H

RITEK-S04-66 Optiarc AD-7561A Quality Scan Optiarc AD-7740H

Elevated PIE numbers here, but the PIF numbers appears to be fine.

Samsung SN-208AB

RITEK-S04-66 Optiarc AD-7561A Quality Scan Samsung SN-208AB 4xPNG

Another good result.

Pioneer BDR-2212

RITEK-S04-66 Optiarc AD-7561A Quality Scan Pioneer BDR-2212

Unfortunately, this drive is not suitable to scan DVD+R DL media, but the disc itself is readable. This drive always fails in the layer break when scanning this type of disc.


As we can see, the Optiarc AD-7561A is a great drive to burn these discs. It will do it without any issues and will verify correctly. The disc also scanned with good results in all drives when we take into account the PIF numbers. All of the drives reports different numbers for the PIE, especially in the 2nd layer. However, we can conclude that this is a good burn taking into account the PIF numbers alone.

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