CHUWI UBook Battery Replacement

CHUWI UBook Battery Replacement

Hi everyone,

Some months ago, I wrote about my CHUWI UBook having a swollen battery.

Today, I’m sharing the pics of it using a replacement battery I got on AliExpress:

This battery seems to no longer be on sale but searching for CHUWI Ubook battery will show some results. You may get more refined results by either searching for CWI509 or by HW-31130148. As long as the description says it fits the CHUWI Ubook and the connector matches and is placed about at the middle of it, it should work, but read the description carefully as well as the reviews.

Anyway, it took about a month for it to reach me, and it came in a generic box:

The battery fitted inside nicely and connected just fine:

Chuwi Ubook Replacement battery 003

You can see it is powered on and Windows booted just fine:

Chuwi Ubook Replacement battery 004

In terms of capacity and durability, I haven’t done any tests, but it does the job of keeping it powered on and I can use it now again. This tablet works great for basic tasks, and it lives once again thanks to this battery.