The PlexDisc DVD+R 100pk spindle

The PlexDisc DVD+R 100pk spindle

Hi everyone,

Today, we will be looking at the PlexDisc DVD+R 100pk spindle I got on December 2020.

These discs are manufactured by Optodisc Taiwan. These discs can be burned at up to 16x but some recorders may offer speeds higher than this.

PlexDisc DVD+R 100pk 4

This spindle contains 100 discs:

PlexDisc DVD+R 100pk 5

They are logo top branded.

The bottom side has a purple color, as expected on Recordable DVD media:

PlexDisc DVD+R 100pk 8

In the inner ring, they have an Optodisc identifier:

PlexDisc DVD+R 100pk 9

In my next post, we’ll see how well these discs burn.

You can purchase these discs on Amazon at the following link:

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