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The Avantree DG80 USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

The Avantree DG80 USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ll show you the Avantree DG80 Bluetooth USB Audio Transmitter:

Avantree DG80 - 1

This is a Bluetooth adapter that works as a PC audio card. It transmits audio via Bluetooth using the SBC, FastStream, aptX, or aptX Low Latency codec, depending on which codecc your headphone or adapter supports. Having the aptX codec provides us with a better audio experience.

The aptX Low Latency codec allows us to watch movies and videos without any audio delay. Most Bluetooth receivers today support this codec and having a transmitter with it makes us take advantage of this.

Avantree DG80 - 2


The DG80 packaging is small and simple.

Avantree DG80 - 3

We can see the adapter along with its manual and documentation behind.

We can see the transmitter is really small.

Finally, we have the included documentation.

Avantree DG80 - 9

Package content:

Avantree DG80 - 10

Using the transmitter

Using this transmitter is as simple as plugging it into a USB port and going into pairing mode.

Avantree DG80 - 11

We can see Windows detects it as Avantree DG80.

Avantree DG80 Settings 2

The transmitter has a bit depth and sample rate of 16bit/48khz, which is common with these adapters.

Avantree DG80 Settings 3

I paired it with my Fiio BTR5 and we can see it is using the aptX Low Latency codec.

Avantree DG80 - 12

Here’s a video of the pairing process of the adapter:

Audio Quality

Becuase this transmitter uses a Qualcomm chipset, the sound quality is realy great, thanks to its support of the aptX and aptX Low Latency codecs.

Signal strength

Avantree claims the adapter will work up to 30 meters or 100 feet. This may be true unless there are some obstacles in the way. In my tests with the Whooshi adapter, known to have signal issues, I was able to listen to music while I was in the same room. However, going away I could hear the audio getting cut. If you’re looking for the best signal range, the Avantree DG60 is a better choice.


If you still do not have a USB Bluetooth audio transmitter, the Avantree DG80 is a good start. It’s small, portable, and cheap. It also supports the aptX and aptX Low Latency codecs to provide excellent audio quality.

The new and improved Avantree Clipper Pro (Batch 17F1)

The new and improved Avantree Clipper Pro (Batch 17F1)

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ll talk about the new batch of the Avantree Clipper Pro:

Avantree Clipper Pro 3rd revision - 1

The Avantree Clipper Pro is an aptX Low Latency-enabled Bluetooth adapter that turns wired headphones into wireless bluetooth.

As a tester of Avantree, I get products from the company to evaluate and give feedback, and this time, they kindly sent me this revision, 17F1.

New to this batch is new voice notifications, replacing the power on, pairing, and power off beeps and the volume buttons no longer have any delay (the previous revisions had a 1-second delay when pressing the buttons). Yay!

The general functionality of this adapter remains the same as it can be read in my initial review of this item.

Here are some of the previous revisions with the left one being the new one:

Avantree Clipper Pro 3rd revision - 2

Yes, this is my 3rd revision, but I’m glad being part of the Avantree testers program to give them feedback and help them improve their products.

Do I recommend this item? DEFINITELY

You can buy one on Amazon here.

Avantree Leaf Teardown – USB Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX Low Latency codec

Avantree Leaf Teardown – USB Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX Low Latency codec

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m sharing with you this simple teardown of the Avantree Leaf, which is a USB Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX Low Latency codec. See the Unboxing and Overview here!

I love opening products and finding out what’s inside of them, and then I’ll rebuild it to continue using it. Let’s find out what’s inside this USB Bluetooth Transmitter!

Avantree Leaf - 4

First, I’ll remove the green rubber protector from it:

Now, to take apart the plastic case, we can use a small (-) screwdriver to separate both ends of the case.

When we take one of the part, we will immediately see the Printed Circuit Board (PCB):

Avantree Leaf Teardown - 3

Now, we can take the Printed Circuit Board out:

Avantree Leaf Teardown - 4

The main chip is the one in the middle. This adapter makes use of a CSR8670 chip. You can read more of this chip here:

This is the other side of the PCB:

Avantree Leaf Teardown - 5

And to conclude our Teardown, here is every part of this transmitter:

Avantree Leaf Teardown - 6

An yes, I’ve voided the warranty by doing this teardown XD. Hope you liked it!

You can get this adapter on Amazon here.

Unboxing and Overview of the Avantree Leaf, a USB Bluetooth aptX Low Latency Transmitter

Unboxing and Overview of the Avantree Leaf, a USB Bluetooth aptX Low Latency Transmitter

Hi everyone,

Today, I will be showing you the Avantree Leaf, which is a USB Bluetooth transmitter featuring the aptX Low Latency codec. This means that when this device is paired with a Low Latency-enabled bluetooth headphone, speaker or adapter, you’ll get the best experience when watching your favorite movie or series or when playing videogames because there is no audio delay. Of course, this adapter will also work with headphones, speakers and adapters featuring just the aptX codec as well as standard devices using the SBC codec.

The difference between this device and using a standard USB Bluetooth Dongle is that this device is detected by the operating system as a USB Audio Device, while when using a standard USB Bluetooth Dongle, you have to pair your headphones using the operating system and also, you’re limited by the codecs the operating system supports.

The Avantree Leaf handles the Bluetooth connection between itself and the headphones. The operating system just sends the audio signal to this device and then it is transmitted to the headphones using the best codec supported by it. Also, since the Avantree Leaf handles the Bluetooth connection, this means that you can just plug this USB Transmitter in another PC and you don’t have to do the pairing again, as your headphone is stored in the Avantree Leaf rather than on your PC. This is very convenient because otherwise, we would need to pair our headphones in every single PC we use.

Let’s start with the unboxing pictures:

Here is the box:

Avantree Leaf - 1

Here is what comes inside the box:

Avantree Leaf - 2

A closer look at the Avantree Leaf:

It also came with a USB Extension Cable:

Avantree Leaf - 5

Here, I have the Avantree Leaf connected to my PC and paired with the Avantree Clipper Pro, which is an aptX Low Latency receiver that converts wired headphones into Bluetooth:

Avantree Leaf - 6

Pairing a headphone, speaker or a receiver is as simple as holding the Avantree Leaf button for a few seconds to put it in Pairing Mode, and also putting your audio device in pairing mode, which varies by device (see your device manual to see how to enter pairing mode).

When in pairing mode, the LED will blink Blue and Yellow (Manual says it’s white but it’s like a yellow/orange color).

When your headphone is connected, it will blink blue 2 times to indicate it is using the SBC Audio Codec.

If the LED blinks yellow/orange one (1) time, you’re using the standard aptX codec, and if it blinks yellow/orange two (2) times, you’re using the aptX Low Latency codec, which provides the best experience.

The sound quality is excellent, and so is the range too! This is an adapter I highly recommend if you want the best audio quality and no audio delay.

To finish this article, I’ll share with you the unboxing video I made. Hope you like it!

Get this adapter on Amazon here.

Avantree Clipper Pro Wireless Receiver/Adapter for Headphones Review

Avantree Clipper Pro Wireless Receiver/Adapter for Headphones Review

The Avantree Clipper Pro is a Bluetooth adapter where you connect your headphones to it to turn them into Bluetooth. It is an amazing adapter because there are still some really good headphones that are only available wired, or they also have Bluetooth connectivity but lacks the aptX audio codec which this Bluetooth adapter has. It has aptX and aptX Low Latency codecs, so when watching videos, as long as the device you’re using also supports the aptX Low Latency codec, you will not notice lip-syncing issues. Otherwise, the adapter will work only in aptX mode or in SBC mode. This adapter is also Bluetooth v4.2!

I use this adapter with my JBL Synchros S200, which are by far my favorite in-ear headphones, having tried other headphone brands and me not satisfied with the sound, I decided to get this Bluetooth adapter to turn the S200 into Bluetooth.

Avantree Clipper Pro connected to the JBL Synchros S200
Avantree Clipper Pro connected to the JBL Synchros S200

Before I got the Avantree Clipper Pro, I previously owned the Jabees IS901 both the v3.0 and the v4.1 versions. Of those 2, the v3.0 sounded a little better than the v4.1. Unfortunately, I lost it at the airport. I think I left it in the airplane while I was picking up my carry-on baggage, so I decided to buy the newest model, the Jabees IS901 v4.1. It has to be noted that the v3.0 model was accidentally dropped into a cup filled with Sprite/7up and it survived XD. I really liked that model, but it was replaced with the v4.1 version… So the Jabees v4.1 arrived and it was an “improvement” from the v3.0. Now the Jabees IS901 v4.1 talks, saying “Power On”, “Pairing”, “Maximum Volume” and lots of more messages, but unfortunately, it didn’t last long. First, the 3.5mm headphone jack became bad, so I dismounted the adapter attempting to fix it, and I did! The audio was fixed, but a few days later, the battery suddenly died. It would only work when the Jabees IS901 v4.1 was connected to the micro-USB cable, so I got rid of the now non-functional Jabees IS901. (Jabees, if you’re reading this, I still like your products 🙂 Don’t take it personally)

After looking up on Amazon for other Bluetooth Adapters, that’s where I noticed the Avantree Clipper Pro, and the aptX Low Latency codec, along with the Usable when Charging feature were the factors that made me get this, as the Jabees IS901 would disconnect and turn off when I plugged in the charger. The Avantree Clipper Pro doesn’t have this issue. Yay! The battery should last up to 6 hours but I’ve still haven’t got the low battery warning after continuously listening to music.

Pairing the adapter was as simple as pressing the MFB button for a few seconds, and I paired it with my 2 phones, a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which should have the aptX codec, and the Blu R1 HD, which doesn’t mention the aptX codec anywhere and is unlikely that it has the codec. In both cases, the sound came beautifully, almost like if I were listening to the music completely wired, with no noticeable quality loss. I then paired this with my Windows 10 computer (which, according to Microsoft, has the aptX codec) and started listening to Music CD (yes, I still buy Music CD and have a beautiful Music CD collection 🙂 ). Wow!!! I must say, I’m really impressed with this adapter! The sound was also excellent with no noticeable quality loss.

My Music CD collection
My Music CD collection

Oh, and did I mention that when you plug this adapter into your PC by using a Micro USB cable that passes data (the Micro USB cable that comes with this Bluetooth Adapter is just a charging cable) you can use this as a wired USB audio device? Yes! You read that well! Basically this is a 2-in-1 product. It works as a Bluetooth adapter or you can plug this in your PC and it will work as a USB Audio Output device. Nice bonus!

Avantree Clipper Pro in USB-DAC mode
Avantree Clipper Pro in USB-DAC mode

Here you can see the Avantree Clipper Pro when connected in Bluetooth and with USB. When you connect the Clipper Pro with a Micro USB cable, it will show as CSRA64215 USB Headset and you can disable the Bluetooth in your PC and continue to listen to music or watching movies just using a USB cable.

So, my thoughts on this adapter in a few words: Get it! This is a very simple adapter that delivers CD-like quality thanks to its aptX and aptX Low Latency codec, is usable while charging, and works as a USB Audio Adapter as well. If you have a pair of headphones you like so much and you haven’t found a Bluetooth equivalent for them, give this adapter a try and you’ll not be disappointed.

You can get this adapter on the following link:

Here is my Unboxing video of this adapter. Hope you like it!

NOTE: This is my honest review and I wasn’t paid nor was sent this adapter for free to write this review. I usually buy new stuff on Amazon to make unboxing videos and write reviews.