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SednaEarFit Xelastec Review

SednaEarFit Xelastec Review

Ever since I got my Hidizs MS4 IEM, I became a journey to try several ear tips, after I lost one of their “Bass” ear tips. This journey began with me trying some Chinese replacements tips, in particular, some called “Spiral ear tips”. They were good, but I still tried other tips, including the highly acclaimed Spinfits.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t pleased with the Spinfits, as I found it degraded the sound to my likes. It was until I found the AZLA SednaEarFitLight that I was really pleased with how the sound came from them.

SednaEarFit Xelastec 5

AZLA is known to make one of the best ear tips. Their SednaEarFit line improves both sound and comfort, but one of their issues has to do with getting the right fit, and the high price. However, once you find the correct size for you, you will be really pleased with how they sound.

AZLA recently released the SednaEarFit Xelastec, which is made of different material that adapts to your ear. This makes them fit great and will not, theoretically, fall.

SednaEarFit Xelastec 1

I found that one of the most important thing that affects the size is the nozzle size and diameter. The smaller the diameter, the more dull the sound will be, and the longer or shorter the nozzle length is, is how the sound frequency will get affected.

SednaEarFit Xelastec 2

On the Hidizs MS4, the shorter the nozzle length is, will produce more bass, great mids, and tame the treble. The longer the nozzle length is, there may be less bass, with more treble sparks, and the mids, well, fall in the middle or may get behind.

Once I tried the SednaEarFit Xelastec, they became my favorite ear tip. Here’s why:

Ease of use

Some ear tips have a hard time getting placed in the IEM nozzle, because of its diameter. This was the case when I got the Spinfit ear tip, as the diameter was small. With the SednaEarFit Xelastec, they just fit without having any struggles. This may be due to its adapting material.


The nozzle length of the Xelastec is shorter and just a bit smaller than their SednaEarFitLight. However, due to the material it’s made, the sound doesn’t get affected much. In fact, it does a great job to reproduce a great frequency response. The bass isn’t overwhelmed but is improved. The mids comes more forward but not too much. The treble is tamed with no sparks to it. The sound stage is very good to my likes, which is a forward sound with great instrument separation and energy.


This really depends on the tip size used. In my case, the best size is their ML (Medium-Large) size. They are very comfortable and fits very nice in my ears. I can use them for hours without getting itchy or without causing discomfort. They also do not fall. The material they are made will give you a sticky feeling, unlike silicone tips which depending on the one used, may cause you some itch and discomfort.

SednaEarFit Xelastec 7

The only downside is that due to them being kind of sticky, you may have to clean them often.


Let’s be honest, these tips are not cheap, but they are really worth it. The main problem you’ll probably face is spending money to test the different tip sizes. I used to be a medium size when it comes to tips, but for the AZLA tips, the best ones are their Medium-Large. Fortunately, you can get various tip sizes but at a premium.

Personally, I got the pack that comes with medium, medium-large, and large tips, just to see if the medium-large would still fit or I needed to go down to the medium tips. The large ones are large indeed.

SednaEarFit Xelastec 3

So, for starters, you may want to start here. At a price of $28.00, each tip size comes at $9.33 approximately.


I can recommend these tips if you’re looking for comfort without compromising the sound. It may even improve it depending on which tips you are using. Remember that not all tips will produce the same sound with every IEM, so your mileage will vary here, but if you, like me, own the Hidizs MS4 IEM, I can recommend them. AZLA makes one of the most amazing and high quality ear tips I’ve ever used.

You can get these tips on Amazon here:

Individual sizes:

Unboxing the KZ AS16 In-Ear Monitor

Unboxing the KZ AS16 In-Ear Monitor

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m sharing my unboxing video of the KZ AS16 In-Ear Monitor. This IEM has 8 balanced armatures per side, for a total of 16. In the video, I compare the size of it with the KZ ZS10 Pro, which is also another of their newer IEM.

I’m currently listening to the KZ AS16 and will soon give my impressions of it. In the meantime, here’s the unboxing video:

Unboxing the KZ ZS7 IEM

Unboxing the KZ ZS7 IEM

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m sharing my Unboxing video of the KZ ZS7 IEM. These have become my new favorite IEM to use to listen to music. They have a really good sound reproduction. Watch the video below:

Do you have these IEMs? What do you think?

The KZ ZS7 first impressions

The KZ ZS7 first impressions

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m sharing my first impressions of the new KZ ZS7 IEM:

The KZ ZS7 first impressions 1

I just received these today and I’m enjoying the balanced sound it provides. It’s not too warm, but it’s also not too bright. The mids shine, the treble is there, and the bass feels real.

Previously, I’ve been using the Samsung AKG-Tuned earbuds which I also enjoy the sound, but these feels an improvement because they retrieve more detail of the song.

These are also my first KZ IEMs, and I’ve been wanting to try them since the past generation, but decided against because of some troubles I’ve heard of. Now that I got to listen to these, they really sound wonderful.

Powered by 1 Dynamic Driver + 4 Balanced Armatures, you can hear everything without any distortions, a problem I’ve faced with other buds, where they would emphasize the bass, or have a v-shaped profile. These aren’t v-shaped nor emphasize the bass over other frequencies. Yes, they have plenty of bass, but you can hear everything without any frequency being overpowered.

I’m currently using these with my Hidizs DH1000 DAC/AMP:

The KZ ZS7 first impressions 2

I’m still experimenting and listening to different albums. So far, everything sounds nice. I do have a complaint here, and is that sometimes the presence of some instruments may seem to be reduced, but you still enjoy everything in the track. They have a great sound separation and clarity. Awesome!

Unboxing and Overview of the Symphonized Hybrid Wireless/Wired High-Performance Headphones

Unboxing and Overview of the Symphonized Hybrid Wireless/Wired High-Performance Headphones

Hi everyone,

In this post, I’ll unbox the Symphonized Hybrid Wireless/Wired High-

Performance Headphones and give you an overview of the product.

Symphonized Hybrid - 1

As the name says, these headphones are hybrid, meaning they work either by Bluetooth connection or wired by connecting them with supplied AUX to MicroUSB cable.

Usually, you’ll find the ability to use the headphones either by Bluetooth or Wired in Over-The-Ear headphones, but not on In-Ear headphones. These ones do just that, so if the battery dies, or you prefer to listen to your music wired, then these headphones are perfect for you.

Symphonized Hybrid - 2
The cable that does the Wired-mode magic
Symphonized Hybrid - 3
Charging cable
Symphonized Hybrid - 4
The Headphones with no cables attached

These headphones were part of a Kickstarter campaign, and the shipping of it was pretty fast. Delivery was done in just 3 days!

The battery is stated to last 5 to 6 hours when continuously listening to music. I’m still testing them, as yesterday I started using them before charging them and then I started listening to music via the wired cable. Today, I started the day listening via Bluetooth.

Some things I’ve noticed of the headphones so far:

  1. The headphones MUST be turned off in order to use Wired-Mode. Otherwise, they make some noises.
  2. When charging, it also makes some noises if you turn them on.
  3. I believe this is because Symphonized decided to use the USB Data Lines as AUX Left/Right channel connections, so when you plug this into a computer to charge, it makes some noises, maybe due to “data transmission”.
  4. The AUX to Micro USB cable is only for listening to audio/music. The mic and control buttons will not work when using the headphones in wired mode.
  5. However, the concept is really good, and the sound is pretty awesome as well.

About the sound quality…

The box says the frequency response is 200Hz-8Khz. I’m assuming this is a typo, because the sound is very good, actually. You can hear everything from bass to mids to treble.

Symphonized Hybrid - 5

The headphones also make use of the APTX Audio Codec. I tested this by using my Avantree Leaf USB adapter, which, depending on the Audio Codec used, the adapter’s light either is blue, or orange, and flashes either one or two times. When it flashes orange one time, it means it is using APTX codec. If it’s orange and flashes two times, it is using APTX Low Latency codec. Thanks to that, I can prove it is using the plain APTX codec, so there’s no support for APT Low Latency, but the latency is not very noticeable, however.

These headphones make use of a CSR chipset. Specifically, the CSR8645 chip. CSR was acquired by Qualcomm in 2015, and they make quality Bluetooth chipsets. Because these headphones use a CSR chipset, you can expect spectacular audio quality, especially when paired with an APTX-enabled device.

Showing the sides of the box:

Overall, I’m enjoying these headphones a lot.

Symphonized Hybrid - 8
That moment when your headphones/earphones are getting bad…

That moment when your headphones/earphones are getting bad…

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ll tell you something that happened with my music listening experience.

I am a music fan, and I have lots of Music CDs I get on Amazon and eBay. My music collection is uploaded to Google Music and some of the CDs are stored on Amazon as part of their AutoRip program. I also pay the monthly Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, and when I like an album, I buy it (Support the artists 😁):

Headphones going bad - 1
My music collection

So, for the past few days, I’ve been streaming my music from Amazon like I normally do, but I noticed that the quality had changed. I went to the settings to double check the Best Quality settings was checked, and it indeed was. I then proceeded to Clear Cache, but I didn’t noticed any quality improvement.

Headphones going bad - 2

Ok, so I was using my Avantree Clipper Pro Bluetooth Adapter with my JBL Synchros S200 Earphones, so I plugged it directly to the phone, but the quality improvement was minimal.

Today, I connected my Avantree Leaf USB Bluetooth Adapter to my laptop so that I can listen to music with my Avantree Clipper Pro using the aptX Low Latency Codec and I noticed the same quality issue. I then opened Google Music, to compare the quality of some of the tracks, and while in Google Music, they sounded better, as the files are MP3 320kb compared to Amazon’s 256kb, it wasn’t that much of an improvement.

I did notice something odd, that it seemed the music was being streamed almost in mono instead of stereo, so I came to the least expected step: Test the headphones using the Windows Sound management window:

Headphones going bad - 3

Surprisingly, it wasn’t me, nor the adapters or sound card, but the headphones itself. It seems it’s mixing both channels, as while the sound remained Stereo, it was sounding more on the other channel than it’s supposed to be, like it’s mono and stereo at the same time 😂.

So, it’s the moment to say, R.I.P. JBL Synchros S200, which were my favorite earphones for these years and unfortunately JBL discontinued it:

Headphones going bad - 4

What earphones am I using right now? Well, I still had the earbuds that came bundled with my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, so I’m using that along with the Avantree Clipper Pro adapter to turn them wireless:

Headphones going bad - 5

These earbuds sounds nice, being honest, and I was keeping them as a backup in case the JBL failed. That was also my second JBL pair as the first also went bad after the year.

So, now I can continue listening to Journey to the PastOnce Upon a December and At The Beginning from the Anastasia Motion Picture Soundtrack 😁:

Headphones going bad - 6

I love Soundtracks!