That moment when your headphones/earphones are getting bad…

That moment when your headphones/earphones are getting bad…

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ll tell you something that happened with my music listening experience.

I am a music fan, and I have lots of Music CDs I get on Amazon and eBay. My music collection is uploaded to Google Music and some of the CDs are stored on Amazon as part of their AutoRip program. I also pay the monthly Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, and when I like an album, I buy it (Support the artists 😁):

Headphones going bad - 1
My music collection

So, for the past few days, I’ve been streaming my music from Amazon like I normally do, but I noticed that the quality had changed. I went to the settings to double check the Best Quality settings was checked, and it indeed was. I then proceeded to Clear Cache, but I didn’t noticed any quality improvement.

Headphones going bad - 2

Ok, so I was using my Avantree Clipper Pro Bluetooth Adapter with my JBL Synchros S200 Earphones, so I plugged it directly to the phone, but the quality improvement was minimal.

Today, I connected my Avantree Leaf USB Bluetooth Adapter to my laptop so that I can listen to music with my Avantree Clipper Pro using the aptX Low Latency Codec and I noticed the same quality issue. I then opened Google Music, to compare the quality of some of the tracks, and while in Google Music, they sounded better, as the files are MP3 320kb compared to Amazon’s 256kb, it wasn’t that much of an improvement.

I did notice something odd, that it seemed the music was being streamed almost in mono instead of stereo, so I came to the least expected step: Test the headphones using the Windows Sound management window:

Headphones going bad - 3

Surprisingly, it wasn’t me, nor the adapters or sound card, but the headphones itself. It seems it’s mixing both channels, as while the sound remained Stereo, it was sounding more on the other channel than it’s supposed to be, like it’s mono and stereo at the same time 😂.

So, it’s the moment to say, R.I.P. JBL Synchros S200, which were my favorite earphones for these years and unfortunately JBL discontinued it:

Headphones going bad - 4

What earphones am I using right now? Well, I still had the earbuds that came bundled with my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, so I’m using that along with the Avantree Clipper Pro adapter to turn them wireless:

Headphones going bad - 5

These earbuds sounds nice, being honest, and I was keeping them as a backup in case the JBL failed. That was also my second JBL pair as the first also went bad after the year.

So, now I can continue listening to Journey to the PastOnce Upon a December and At The Beginning from the Anastasia Motion Picture Soundtrack 😁:

Headphones going bad - 6

I love Soundtracks!