The InWin BP655 Mini-ITX Computer Case

The InWin BP655 Mini-ITX Computer Case

Hi everyone,

Today, I will show you the InWin BP655 Mini-ITX Computer Case. This is a Mini-ITX computer case which includes a 200-Watt Power Supply.

This desktop computer case came on this box:

And it came well protected inside:

Unopened, it looks like this:

It came with the Power Supply cable, a stand for vertical standing, and the required screws for the motherboard installation.

Installing the board was very easy. I placed my Jetway NF9G-QM77 motherboard in it:

Here’s how it looks complete with the motherboard and optical drive:

This computer case is slim enough to use it for purposes like a media center PC. This is the purpose of my machine, for instance, where I watch DVDs and Blu-Rays using the LG WH14NS40 drive. The integrated power supply is also working as expected and I have not experienced power issues. I can definitely recommend this Mini-ITX PC case.

You can get this case on Amazon at the following link:

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