Unboxing and overview of PLUB: Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Unboxing and overview of PLUB: Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Hi everyone,

In this post, I’ll show you a video of me unboxing the PLUB, which is a Bluetooth Headphone Adapter.

The Bluetooth adapter features Qualcomm aptX audio codec, so the audio quality is really good compared to the plain old SBC. The way you use this is simply by connecting a headphone/earphone to it.

The adapter also features no buttons except for the Reset one and that’s it. No power up, volume, or multi-function buttons are there. So you may wonder, how does it turn on?

The PLUB works entirely by using your headphone buttons. Just plug it in, and it will power on. Once it’s powered on, you use the headphone buttons to control your device. For example, to change the volume, you just press the headphone volume buttons as you normally would do. To play music, you just press the function button of the headphones. The PLUB effectively recognizes these signals and sends the commands to your devices.

There’s also no USB connection. Then, how do you charge it? Using the same 3.5mm jack! Yup, the PLUB comes with a USB to 3.5mm similar to how the iPod Shuffle would charge. Just plug the 3.5mm into the PLUB and connect the USB cable and let it charge. You can track the progress by checking the LED color.

Yesterday, I received the PLUB in the mail, and you guess what I first did: The Unboxing video.

You can watch it here:

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this device.

I’ll see if I make another video demonstrating how it works because it’s really a simple device and I really like it due to its simplicity.

Hope you enjoyed this video!