Burning a SpeedX BD-R DL 50GB Disc in the Pioneer BDR-2212 drive at 6x

Burning a SpeedX BD-R DL 50GB Disc in the Pioneer BDR-2212 drive at 6x

Hi everyone,

Today, we will see how well the Pioneer BDR-2212 can burn the SpeedX BD-R DL 50GB Discs at a speed of 6x:

SpeedX BD-R DL 50GB on Pioneer BDR-2212

This drive can burn these discs at up to 8x but we will focus burning it at 6x this time:

SpeedX BD-R DL Pioneer BDR-2212 6x 2

The burning process was successful:

Data verification was also successful:

Here’s how the disc surface look after burning it:

SpeedX BD-R DL 50GB Burned in Pioneer BDR-2212 at 6x

The surface looks smooth and identical to the 8x burn.

Quality Scans

We’ll see how well this disc burned in this drive:

From the above scans, we can once again see that the LG drive scanned the disc better. It did present a bit of elevated numbers once it was reaching almost the end of the first layer, and it reports a bit of high numbers at the start of the 2nd layer. The scan on the LiteOn drive also shows the elevated numbers in the layer break and the rest of the 2nd layer scanned good. The disc is completely readable with no slowdowns.


The Pioneer BDR-2212 can also burn this disc reliably at 6x. The numbers are a bit less than on the 8x burn which should make the disc work better on sensitive drives. The difference between the 6x and 8x burn is about 5 minutes, so you can choose this speed if you prefer a bit better quality burn over the 8x.