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Burning a ValueDisc Blu-Ray Disc in the Panasonic UJ-260 drive

Burning a ValueDisc Blu-Ray Disc in the Panasonic UJ-260 drive

Hi everyone,

Today, we will be looking at the 50-disc spindle Blu-Ray Recordable discs from ValueDisc and burning it in the Panasonic UJ-260 drive.

ValueDisc BD-R 25GB 50pk White Inkjet Printable 1

These are White Inkjet Printable discs, so they have a printable surface:

ValueDisc BD-R 25GB 50pk White Inkjet Printable 2

The data side from these discs are dark grey colored:

ValueDisc BD-R 25GB 50pk White Inkjet Printable 3

Here is a quick comparison of the disc compared with the previously-reviewed SmartBuy BD-R discs:

ValueDisc BD-R 25GB 50pk White Inkjet Printable 4

As you can see, there is a significant difference in the data surface.

The media code of these discs is CMCMAG-BA5-000:

Burning in the Panasonic UJ-260

We will be burning these discs in the Panasonic UJ-260 drive:

This drive can burn these discs at 2x and 6x. I burned a disc using Nero at the maximum speed, to which it was successfully doing, although it burned it at 2x instead of the 6x speed it should have burned:

The disc verification was also successful:

Here is the disc burned surface:

ValueDisc 25GB BD-R Burned Surface on Panasonic UJ-260

Both my LiteOn and LG WH16NS58 drives seem to agree in that this is a great burn:

I burned another disc again, and on that one, the drive decided to burn at the full 6x speed:

This disc also verified correctly:

My LG drive also thinks this is a great burn:

ValueDisc CMCMAG-BA5-000 Panasonic UJ260 6x Scanned in LG WH16NS58

For this disc, I forgot to scan it on the LiteOn drive, but we can see in the above image that the disc has burned fine, with a bit of increases in the numbers as it progresses but nothing worrying.


The Panasonic UJ-260 can successfully burn and verify these discs at up to 6x, altough it may sometimes burn a disc at just 2x. The quality seems to be very good. Another Media Code that the drive can handle with great results.

In the next posts we will see how this disc burned in the LiteOn iHBS112 and in the Pioneer BDR-2212 drives.

You can purchase these discs on Amazon at the following link:

New CD-R and BD-RE Reviews and Unboxing Coming Soon!

New CD-R and BD-RE Reviews and Unboxing Coming Soon!

Hi everyone,

The past few days, I brought the following products:


I purchased the new PlexDisc CD-R Digital Audio discs that they mention are the best to store music. I’ll be reviewing it against the regular PlexDisc CD-R to see if they are really different, or are just the same but with the CD-R DA flag in them. Also, I’ll try them on my CD players to see if they do the initial seek faster.

The other products I got are Blu-Ray Rewritable media (BD-RE). A Spindle of SmartBuy Single Layer BD-RE spindle of 10 discs and a 10-pack Verbatim BD-RE DL media. These are my very first BD-RE media I got and will be testing them on my Panasonic UJ-260 writer and maybe on my Pioneer BDR-2212 drive.

Be also sure to be on the lookout on some other media I’ve yet to write that I currently have on the backlog. As of this moment, I’m still writing those articles with detailed images of the burning process and disc verification and quality scans. In the next few days, you’ll see those posts on my blog.

See you soon!

You can see and order the above items at the following links:

SmartBuy BD-R 25GB 50 Pack Review

SmartBuy BD-R 25GB 50 Pack Review

Hi everyone,

Today, we will be seeing the SmartBuy BD-R 25GB 50Pk Logo Top. These discs should be able to be burned at up to 6x. SmartBuy is a subsidiary of Ritek.

These discs have a blue Logo Top:

On the data side, they have a gold color:

SmartBuy BD-R 25GB 6x 6

A few years ago, I recall that some gold-colored discs became corrupted due to corrosion. Since these discs are gold-colored too, I’ll be checking them after a while to make sure its data is still fine.

I got these discs last year and I’m writing about them right now, altough these images and screenshots were taken last year, the disc quality scan is from this moment. This is also why the drive we will be using is the LG WH14NS40 crossflashed to the LG WH16NS60 firmware. This drive allows us to burn these discs at up to 8x. I’m no longer using this drive to burn discs due to some coasters it produced randomly and have since moved to using the Panasonic UJ260 or the Pioneer BDR-2212. Here are the details for these discs on the LG drive:

The drive was able to write the disc successfully:

And it was also able to verify correctly:

The burned disc surface looks like this:

SmartBuy BD-R 25GB 6x 7

The LiteOn iHBS112 problem

These discs will not burn correctly on the LiteOn iHBS112. They fail around the 18GB mark, and while the drive can scan the disc, it will also report a very high error count at that same mark. Here is a recent scan from the disc burned in the LG drive:

SmartBuy RITEK-BR2-000 Burned in LG 8x Scanned in LiteOn iHBS112

Here is another scan from another disc also burned in the LG drive and scanned in the LiteOn drive. This is a scan from last year:

Smart Buy BD-R RITEK-BR2-000

The disc, however, is completely readable on that drive. Something that contradicts the scans:

Smart Buy BD-R RITEK-BR2-000 ScanDisc

Here is an image of a failed burned disc in the LiteOn drive. Notice the right disc has some clouds in the burned surface and that the left disc surface seem to come lighter in color and then return to be dark:

SmartBuy BD-R 25GB 6x 8

A Year later

A year later the discs do not seem to have any visual defects in the surface. The discs can still be read. Here are the scans of 2 discs scanned in the LG WH16NS40 crossflashed to the LG WH16NS58 firmware:

The first image is from the disc we burned above. It still have excellent results. The second image is from a disc also burned last year but with the Panasonic UJ260.

You can see that neither of the images above have the 18GB spike that we had in the LiteOn drive. It seems that the LiteOn really doesn’t like this media. Altough it can be read fine, it will fail to burn, and if it succeed, it will fail to verify those sectors. This read issue does not happen if we read a disc burned with another drive, but the scan will still report the spike at 18GB.


These discs seem to be reliable, except with the LiteOn drive. I was able to burn them fine with my Panasonic UJ260, where it can only burn them at 2x or 4x, but will always burn them at 2x regardless. I assume it has to do with the drive’s power calibration it performs before it writes.

The LG WH16NS40, crossflashed to the LG WH16NS60 firmware at that moment can also burn the discs fine. I do recall it failed to close the disc session sometimes, erroring out and therefore leaving the disc in an open state. The discs would still work and the data could be read just fine, with the exception that they remained open.

You can buy these discs on Amazon at the following link: