The SpeedX BD-R DL discs

The SpeedX BD-R DL discs

Hi everyone,

Today, we will be seeing the SpeedX BD-R DL discs. I got these on eBay last month. They are dual layer Blu-Ray discs that can hold up to 50GB and can be officially burned at up to 6x:

These have a White Inkjet Printable surface:

SpeedX BD-R DL 3

On the bottom side, they look similar to the Philips BD-R DL discs I reviewed some time:

SpeedX BD-R DL 4

In fact, they have the same media code: CMCMAG-DI6-000. This means that SpeedX is sourcing their discs from CMC Magnetics.

SpeedX BD-R DL Panasonic UJ-260 1

In the next few posts, we’ll see how well these discs burn on some drives, and if the same story that happened with the Philips discs still happens here.