Burning a Verbatim BDXL 100GB Disc in the Panasonic UJ-260

Burning a Verbatim BDXL 100GB Disc in the Panasonic UJ-260

Hi everyone,

In this post, we will see how well a Verbatim BDXL 100GB disc is burned in the Panasonic UJ-260 drive.

This drive can burn these discs at just 2x:

ImgBurn Panasonic UJ260 1

I used ImgBurn to burn a disc to its maximum. It took 3 hours to get it burned, but it was successful:

The disc verification took 2 hours, as the drive switches between 2x and 4x while it reads. It was successful too:

The disc surface looks very smooth:

Verbatim BDXL Burned on Panasonic UJ-260

Quality Scan

The only drive that I currently have that is capable of scanning BDXL media is the LG WH16NS58. This drive reported an increase of numbers at the start of the 2nd layer and at the end of the 3rd one:

Verbatim VERBAT-IMk-000 Panasonic UJ-260 Disc 1 Quality Scan

I burned another disc in this drive too, and the LG scan was similar, but the numbers on those 2 spikes were about the half:

Verbatim VERBAT-IMk-000 Panasonic UJ-260 Disc 2 Quality Scan

The disc is completely readable regardless of those spikes and no slowdowns occurs either.


The Panasonic UJ-260 can successfully burn these discs. It is very slow, at just 2x, taking 3 hours to fully burn a disc. The verification is a bit faster, taking 2 hours. This also means that whenever we want to read back the entire disc in this drive, it will take 2 hours to do so.

The quality scans are questionable, as the discs could be read back properly without any issues. This is the only drive that can scan these discs.

If you don’t mind waiting 5 hours in total for the whole burning session, feel free to use this drive for your backup needs.

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