New CD-R and BD-RE Reviews and Unboxing Coming Soon!

New CD-R and BD-RE Reviews and Unboxing Coming Soon!

Hi everyone,

The past few days, I brought the following products:


I purchased the new PlexDisc CD-R Digital Audio discs that they mention are the best to store music. I’ll be reviewing it against the regular PlexDisc CD-R to see if they are really different, or are just the same but with the CD-R DA flag in them. Also, I’ll try them on my CD players to see if they do the initial seek faster.

The other products I got are Blu-Ray Rewritable media (BD-RE). A Spindle of SmartBuy Single Layer BD-RE spindle of 10 discs and a 10-pack Verbatim BD-RE DL media. These are my very first BD-RE media I got and will be testing them on my Panasonic UJ-260 writer and maybe on my Pioneer BDR-2212 drive.

Be also sure to be on the lookout on some other media I’ve yet to write that I currently have on the backlog. As of this moment, I’m still writing those articles with detailed images of the burning process and disc verification and quality scans. In the next few days, you’ll see those posts on my blog.

See you soon!

You can see and order the above items at the following links:

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