SwiftPoint’s ProPoint Mouse

SwiftPoint’s ProPoint Mouse

Hi everyone,

Today, I want to show you the ProPoint Mouse from SwiftPoint. This was a Kickstarter campaign that ran a few months ago. Last week, I got the mouse which is what you’ll be seeing today along with its accessories.

This is the Travel Set, which is the reward I got for pledging to their project:

Propoint 1

Let’s take a look at the sides:

When we open the box, we can see 2 more boxes. One contains the Mouse while the other contains the Travel Charger:

Propoint 6

The Mouse

Let’s start with the mouse. This is the box:

Propoint 7

And let’s see the box sides:

When we open the mouse box, we can see the carrying case:

Propoint 12

Below it, we can find the Quick Start Guide:

And finally, we have the warranty information as well:

Propoint 27

Let’s take a closer look at the carrying case:

Propoint 14

Let’s now open it:

Propoint 15

We can see the mouse, the USB dongle ,as well as other accessories:

Here’s the mouse taken out of the case:

The sides:

The back:

Propoint 19

The USB dongle which is also the mouse charger:

Propoint 20

The USB-C to USB-A adapter that allows us to use the USB dongle in USB-C devices or ports:

The Parking Spot:

Propoint 24

Lastly, it came with this accessory:

Propoint 26

The Travel Adapter

Now, let’s take a look at the Travel Adapter. Here’s the box:

Propoint 28

The box sides:

It’s time to open the box:

We can see the Travel Adapter. Let’s take it out:

Propoint 33

The front:

Propoint 34

The sides:

And finally, the back:

Propoint 36

You can see it has different configuration for different sockets. It also has 2 USB outputs. The front serves as a passthrough to connect another device while using the adapter USB’s port and it also serves as a surge protector.

Propoint 38

More ProPoint mouse pictures:

I use this mouse at work and at home, and it’s very comfortable and allows me to improve my productivity. Here’s more pictures of the mouse:

Here, you can notice how tiny it is:

Propoint 41

Finally, here’s a picture when it’s in the charging dongle. It’s very nice having this feature in the same USB dongle as you can keep it connected to your PC and charge the mouse, to then be able to continue using it:

Propoint 42

An that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the photos in this post. Have you received your ProPoint mouse from Kickstarter? Do you plan on getting one? Let me know in the comments.