250GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD Benchmark on a Dell Inspiron 15 3565 laptop

250GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD Benchmark on a Dell Inspiron 15 3565 laptop

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Today, we will see another SSD benchmark. This time, we are benchmarking the 250GB version of the Samsung 860 EVO SSD. This SSD is installed on a Dell Inspiron 15 3565 laptop in an attempt to speedup Windows.

Samsung 860 EVO 250GB in Dell Inspiron 15 3565 AMD A6-9200 R4 2.00Ghz

The Dell Inspiron 15 3565 laptop uses an AMD A6-9200 clocked at 2.00Gh. It came with a 500GB Hard Disk Drive. However, the choice of using a 250GB SSD was due to this laptop mostly being used for basic tasks like light web browsing and using LibreOffice. This SSD was installed in the laptop back in 2019.

The Samsung 860 EVO SSD is rated for up to 550MB/s of read speed and up to 520MB/s of write speed.

The software used for the following benchmark is CrystalDiskMark as this computer is running Windows 10. Let’s see the benchmark below:

CrystalDiskMark - Samsung 860 EVO in Dell Inspiron 15 3565 AMD A6-9200 R4 2.00Ghz

In the above benchmark, we can see that the read speed of this SSD almost reached up to 540MB/s. This is not bad, considering that the SSD is rated for speeds up to 550MB/s. However, the write speed fell short of the advertised rate of up to 520MB/s. In fact, when we compare the almost 380MB/s write speed to the 500GB Samsung 870 EVO SSD, the write speed on that unit is also less than 400MB/s.

This Samsung 860 EVO SSD is one generation older, yet we can see almost similar sequential read/write speeds between it and the Samsung 870 EVO. Of course, sizes differ between these 2 drives and it has to be noted we tested the Samsung 870 EVO on a 3rd-gen Ivy Bridge Intel Pentium CPU.

Still, I think these results are still nice considering the AMD CPU used can be slow at computing, particularly when using Windows. This SSD is installed on a laptop that is used for basic tasks, so read speeds are more important to improve the boot time as well as software loading.

For other uses, the almost 400MB/s write speed is nice as copying a few GB of files should be done quickly.

To conclude, I can recommend this SSD to upgrade a SATA-based laptop. However, since the Samsung 870 EVO is the newer generation drive, I would opt to use it rather than the Samsung 860 SSD unless you can find the 860 at a discounted rate.

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