Burning a ValueDisc 25GB Blu-Ray Disc in the LiteOn iHBS112 drive

Burning a ValueDisc 25GB Blu-Ray Disc in the LiteOn iHBS112 drive

Hi everyone,

In this post, we will see how well the LiteOn iHBS112 drive burn a ValueDisc 25GB BD-R disc:

This drive allows us to burn these discs at up to 10x:

CMCMAG-BA5-000 on LiteOn iHBS112 1

I used Nero Express to initiate the burn at the maximum speed of 10x:

The disc was burned and verified successfully:

Here is how the disc surface looks after burning in this drive:

ValueDisc BD-R 25GB Burned on LiteOn iHBS112 at 10x

The surface seem to have a ring in it, and altough it cannot be seen clearly, more to the outer part of the disc, it has some clouds.

Quality Scan

Both the LiteOn and LG results would be great if it wasn’t for that spike at the 20GB mark. I’m not sure whether it is intentional or is related to the disc, but given how this drive seem to have a spike at 18GB on Ritek’s SmartBuy 25GB discs, I’m pretty sure this may be an issue with the drive not burning these discs properly. The rest of the scan is very good for the speed we used to burn it.

Reading back the data is successful on different drives regardless of this spike.

CMCMAG-BA5-000 on LiteOn iHBS112 13

The LG drive read it back successfully.

The Panasonic UJ260 also read the disc back fine without any read errors.


The LiteOn iHBS112 seem to have very good results at burning these discs at 10x, but presents us with a spike at the 20GB mark. This spike is present on both drives, meaning that it wasn’t burned properly, altough the data can be read properly on my drives.